Heya Rebels! A new PSA Mission has been released on CPJourney! Today’s post will be a guide through Mission 7: Clockwork Repairs.
If you are unsure of how to access the PSA Headquarters and the Missions Menu, Click here!

This post features spoilers.

To start this mission, click the spyphone on the left, click “Visit HQ”, and then click the Top Secret/Mission Ready in the bottom right. The previous steps will open the Missions Menu, from there click on “Clockwork Repairs” in the top left box. Click “Start Mission” on the next menu to begin Mission 7!

Firstly, talk to Gary, this will prompt a short chat sequence. Click the first option. Gary will then point to a monitor featuring the Snowforts, click that monitor and watch the scene of Herbert and Klutzy tampering with the Clock Tower mechanisms.

Click the right or left side of the screen to exit the video. Gary will then have another chat sequence, click any option and then click the third option.

Use the arrows on the left or right side to view the other side of the HQ and find the Invention Cabinet. Click on the Electromagnet 2000, this will show you a combination lock. Go back to Gary and click on him, click the third chat option, he will then tell you the combination is key. Using secret agent code (You can find the code by hovering your mouse on the code in the bottom right of your screen.), spell out the word key. It will look like the picture below.

Grab the Electromagnet 2000 and drag it into your inventory.

Now, just to the right of the Invention Cabinet, enter the Gadget Room. Inse of the gadget room, look around for some shelves, click the life preserver ring and drag it into your inventory.

Go to The Iceberg and look out onto the water until you find the spring, drag the Electromagnet out of your inventory and click on the spring with it in hand to pull it out of the water. Drag both items into your inventory.

Go the Ski Village, click on the brown penguin to initiate a chat sequence discussing about the snow.

Go to The Beach next and find the yellow penguin sitting in the snow chair, the penguin will tell you about how his chair was crafted by a yellow puffle. Use the first chat option all three times while chatting with him.

Click on the green bucket just to the left of the yellow penguin and drag it into your inventory.

Go to The Docks, here you will find two penguins in blue uniforms, click on them and this will initiate a chat sequence about the Clock Tower target. Click the top chat option all three times while talking to these penguins, this will initiate a target minigame where you will have to hit the moving target 3 times.
Tips: Throw the snowball ahead of the target. You will have 10 snowballs, no worries at all if you miss with one or two. You may retry this if needed.

This will automatically put the target in your hand, drag it into your inventory. Grab the life preserver ring we grabbed earlier and give it to the penguins, this will give you the Blue Pennant after you finish the mission.

Go to The Town, here you will find Rookie handing out posters for the mission Clock Work gear. Click on Rookie, this will initiate a chat sequence with him. Click the second chat options both times, this will cause him to give you a poster of the gear, drag it into your inventory.

Go the Snow Forts, here you will use the green bucket to scoop snow off of the ground anywhere in Snow Forts, drag the snow filled bucket back into your inventory.

Go to the Pizza Parlor and grab the sheet of music to the left of the piano, drag it into your inventory.

Go to The Stage, here you will find a piano. Click the piano and then drag the music sheet to place it on the piano. Play the notes on the music sheet by matching the colors on the sheet to the piano keys. A yellow puffle will come out, then exit the screen by clicking the left or right side of the screen

Take the poster out of your inventory and give it to the yellow puffle, then give it the bucket of snow we gathered earlier, it will then build a gear out of snow. Click and drag the bucket and gear back into your inventory.

Go back to the HQ, enter the Gadget Room again, and find the Test Chamber using the left and right arrows.

Take the frozen spring and place it on the right side conveyor belt. Click the red handle at the bottom of the chamber to move the spring to the middle, click the fire button on the right side of the Test Chamber to melt the ice, click the red handle again, and then click and drag the thawed out spring on the left side of the Test Chamber back into your inventory.

Take the snow gear and place it on the right side of the conveyor belt, follow the same steps for the spring except this time use the left snow button to superchill the gear.

Lastly, head back to the Snow Forts. Click on the lower half of the Clock Tower.

From behind the Clock Tower, place the spring, gear, and target back on the Clock Tower as shown in the images below.

Exit the back of the Clock Tower by clicking the left side of the screen, this will trigger a phone call from Herbert, answer by clicking on the spyphone. Click on either chat option With Gary.

Congratulations! You have now finished Mission 7! Be sure to click “Get Medal”, “Get Gift”, and then “End Mission” to claim the rewards and finish the mission.

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