Hello agent 😎! A brand new mission has released on CPJ!! This post will provide a walkthrough for Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors!

If you’re unsure on how to access the HQ and the missions menu check out the guide here!

SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!! Don’t continue reading if you don’t want any spoilers!

When you load into the mission, you will find G standing in front of a big machine. When you click on him he will tell you about the earthquakes happening around the island.

Suddenly another earthquake occurs and G tells you to head to the docks!

Before you head out make sure to to grab the light brown propeller hat off the hook!

Once you arrive at the docks you will find Herbert and Klutzy emerging from the ground in their huge drill.

Click Herbert to start dialogue and he will tell you his evil plans.  His map will blow away and klutzy will try to grab it but chops it in half.  The pieces blow away. After they leave pick up the green lantern klutzy left. 

Now head to town! You will see the two map pieces floating around. Talk to the worried pink penguin. Then head to the coffee shop, and chat with the barista.

Offer to help pick up the spilled cookies! Click the pile of cookies to move closer to them.

Now click on the cookies to pick it up and drag it to the jar to pick up the cookies.

Congrats you picked up the cookies! Now click to the left of the screen to exit from this screen and back to the barista. The barista will thank you for helping and offer you a cookie!

Take the cookie from the barista and put it in your inventory!

Now head back outside and you will see the piece of map sitting on the ‘N’ of the Nightclub! How will you get it down? First give the puffle the propeller hat and then give him a cookie!

The puffle will knock the piece of map down for you! Pick it up and put it into your inventory!

Now head to the right and go to the snow forts! You will see the map fly by and land on the flag! Click it and it will fly towards the plaza.

Head to the plaza and you will see it fall into the green penguins newspaper! You will ask if you can have the newspaper and he will say no! He does say he wants a double-meat pizza, with extra grey fish!

Go to the pizza parlor and click on the chef and ask for the pizza the penguin wanted! He will then give you the pizza. Pick it up and put it in your inventory!

Now head back outside to the green penguin and hand him the pizza he wanted!

The green penguin will ask what he can do for you in return. Ask him if you can have his newspaper and he will give it to you! Now take the note from the newspaper and combined it with the other note!

After you have completed the map head back to HQ and go to the gadget room. Report your findings to G. After grab the hammer hanging on the wall.

Then after grabbing that look for the air tank and click on it. It will tell you to ask G if you can take it! Ask G and he will say sure. Pick up the air tank and put it in your inventory!

So then after you grab that you should head to the lighthouse and talk to the orange penguin. You should ask if you can have the balloons and he will say sure. Grab the balloons and put them in your inventory!

Then head to the left and grab some fishing net too!

Now head to the sports shop and grab some tent pegs.

Now head back to the town! Take the balloon out of the box and put it with the tank. This will blow up the balloon! Now drag it to the gift shop and click! This will lift the gift shop out of the ground!

Now quickly grab the fishing net and place it under the gift shop! Grab the pegs and drag them to the net.

Now grab the hammer and click near the pegs to hammer them into the ground! This will keep the gift shop above ground and keep it from falling again!

After you finish the steps it should look like this! Congrats you fixed the gift shop! 😀

After doing this head to the dock! Go down into the hole that Herbert dug out! You should see two tunnels so use your map and turn on the lantern or use the night vision goggles (if you have those)!

So once you get through the tunnels, using the map, you should end up under the gift shop! Keep going straight and you should find Herbert’s drill! Using your spy phone unscrew the gear and put it in your inventory!

Then enter the opening in the boiler room! Once you enter you will see Herbert messing with the boiler! Click on Herbert to talk to him! He will get angry that you foiled his plans!

He will end up hitting the boiler with the wrench causing it to malfunction and start shaking. Herbert will escape and G will call you telling you to fix the boiler. Click the boiler to start fixing it! All you have to do is connect the pieces from right to left by swapping them around. This is how it should look!

After fixing it you will get a call from G! He will tell you to report back to HQ! Head to HQ and talk to G. Give him the gear.

Congrats!!! You have completed Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors! Make sure to grab the medal and gift at the end! Then click ‘end mission’ to end the mission!

Congrats again on completing Mission 8!!

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