Hey Rebels! A new PSA mission has been released on Club Penguin Journey! This guide will walk you through PSA Mission 9: Operation Spy & Seek.

If you are unsure how to access the HQ and missions menu there is a guide here.

This post contains spoilers for the mission.

To start the mission, click the spy phone and click the “Visit HQ” button. Then click on the “Top Secret” panel on the bottom right, select the mission “Operation Spy & Seek” from the menu and start the mission.

Click on Gary to begin talking to him.

Make sure to answer “Affirmative, G. What’s my mission?”

Move the three transmitters, yellow duck and blueprint to your inventory by clicking on them, then hovering over “Inventory” on the bottom left one at a time.

Open your map and go to the Docks, proceed to talk to the green penguin.

Be sure to select “Here, let me see if I can get it started” when prompted, then pull the brown handle up.

Ask to borrow the pump, then move it into your inventory.

Open your map and click on the Plaza. Click on either penguin to talk to them and click on “Sure, I’d be happy to help”, then click “Seriously guys! Shush!”.

Click on the gum, then ask to take the gum after the chat sequence.

Put the gum on the yellow duck in your inventory. Then move the pump onto the duck and move the handle up and down. Place the now inflated duck into your inventory.

Click one of the transmitters and place it on the inflated duck.

Open the map again and go to the Iceberg. Click on the inflated duck in your inventory and then click on the Ocean. The inflated duck should then float further out.

Go to the Mine Shack and click on Rory. Talk to him, making sure to click “Is there any way I can help?”

Click on the beams and move them as shown in the following pictures.

When talking to Rory again, click “Yeah, sure.” and “I’ll do my best”, then click the mine cart twice.

Weld the cracks until they are covered by dragging along them.

Drag a transmitter onto the mine cart and click it again, it should move down into the mine.

Go to the forest and pick up the stick, combine it with the blueprint in your inventory.

Open your map and go to the Ski Lodge; talk to the penguins playing Find 4. Find the counters and place them in the same slot in your inventory. There are three piles downstairs and five piles upstairs in the attic. Pick up the piece of string in the attic and put it in your inventory, then give the counters to the penguins.

Combine the string with the blueprint and stick to make a kite, then add a transmitter.

Go to the mountain and put the kite at the top of the signpost.

Answer the call from the spy phone and click “Go to HQ”. Move to the right and talk to G. Select “And wherever that phone is, Herbert will be…” and “What’s our next course of action?”

Pick up the Binoculars 3000 and place them in your inventory.

Go back to the ski lodge and go to the lake. Move to the right and move the binoculars over the lake. Wait to be returned to the lake.

Answer the call then cross the lake. Find the PSA phone and combine it with the binoculars.

Move to the left until you find the tree to place the camera on.

Answer the call and return to the HQ, finish talking to Gary.

Congratulations! You have completed the mission. Remember to collect your medal and gift before ending the mission.

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