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Today I am going to be showing you how to complete the eighth PSA Mission: Mysterious Tremors

If you don’t know how to access the HQ and the mission panel, click here

If you wish to attempt the mission yourself, don’t read any further as there will be spoilers!

Teleport to the HQ and click on the mission and then click “Start Mission” to begin.

When you load in to the mission, G will be standing in front of a machine when you click on G your screen will start to shake, then he will inform you about the mission.

Right before he finishes another tremor occurs and he tells you to go to the dock. Before you leave for the dock grab the propeller hat on the left of G.

After you arrive at the Dock Herbert and Klutzy come out the ground in their giant drill! After you finish talking grab the Green Lamp Klutzy left behind.

After that go to town, you’ll see two maps fly by. Talk to the Worried PInk Penguin.

Go into the Coffee shop and talk to the barista. Then offer to pick up the cookies and click on of them.He will then offer you a cookie take it and put it in your inventory.

Then go back outside and you’ll see half the map outside Gift Shop but first give the green puffle the propeller and the cookie. Then pick up the map piece.

After go to the snow forts you’ll notice that the piece is stuck on the snow forts flag click on it, it will sail towards the plaza.

You’ll see it fall into a penguins newspaper talk to the green penguin, he won’t give you the newspaper but he says he wants a double-meat pizza, extra grey fish.

Go to the pizza parlour and talk to the waiter and ask for a double-meat pizza, extra grey fish.He will then give you the pizza so you can take it to the green penguin. The green penguin will ask what he can do for you in return. Ask for the newspaper when you receive it take the note out and combine the two notes.

After you have the map go back to HQ (Gadget Room) and report to G, once you finish talking grab the hammer to the right of G.

After that look around the lab and click the air tank then ask G about it then put it into your inventory

After you grab it go to the lighthouse and talk to the orange penguin and ask if you can take some of his balloons while you’re there grab the net too.

The go to the sports shop and take the tent pegs.

From your inventory take the Balloon and put it on the tank then attach it to the Gift Shop then quickly take out the net and put it under the door then take out the pegs and use the hammer to stamp them into the corner of the nets if you mess up you can always go back to the lighthouse and grab a new net. When you finish it should look like this:

After that go back to the dock and go into the hole Herbert dug out of. It should have 2 tunnels so use the map and turn on the lantern or use your night vision goggles (if you have them).

You’ll eventually end up beneath the Gift Shop then you can just go straight, you’ll then see Herbert’s drill and you can use your spy phones wrench to unscrew the drill put the gear into your inventory.

Then enter the opening to the boiler room. Once you enter you’ll see Herbert doing something. Click on Herbert and talk to him he’ll throw a tantrum and escape then you’ll get a call on you spy phone from G. He’ll tell you to fix the boiler, click on the boiler the puzzles are basically connecting all the pipes from one corner to the other

Then G will call and ask you to come back to HQ talk to G and the give him the gear. You can collect the gift and the medal

Congrats, you just finished Mission Eight



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