PSA Secrets: Night-Vision Goggles [WALKTHROUGH]


Today I’m here with a post of the location of the Night-Vision Goggles. To find them you must become a PSA Agent!

The first step is to click the Moderator icon in the top right corner, this will take you to a list of rules.

Next, click the chat bubbles to the left of “Chat nicely”. This will take you to the quiz.

If you are less than 30 days old, you will need to come back later. If you are 30+ days old you will see this screen, click “Your Mission” to begin!

The answer to Question 1 is “Honest”.

The answer to Question 2 is “Being mean or rude”.

The answer to Question 3 is “Report them”.

The answer to Question 4 is “Saying their address”.

The answer to Question 5 is “I want to keep Club Penguin Safe”.

The answer to the final question is “I want to help other penguins”.

You can now open your Player Card and click the PSA Spy Phone to open it! (If nothing happens after clicking, re log onto CPR)

Click “Visit HQ” to teleport to the PSA HQ!

Once in, click on the FISH (Factual Informative Spy Handbook).

Move to Page 4 to the Super Spy Gear and click on the Sunglasses.

You may now purchase the Night-Vision Goggles!

That’s the location of the Night-Vision Goggles!

If you want more cheats/secrets on CPR join our discord here.

Thank you for using RF, for CPR secrets/cheats!



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  3. Lol the memories

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  7. How … did I NEVER hear about this in my years of playing club penguin
    I’m confused

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