Rebel Egg-stravaganza – March 2024

As March draws to a close, we find ourselves with Easter upon us. With this celebration underway, the Party Planning Committee is excited to announce their own celebration!

That’s right Rebels, between 29-31 March, the server will be taken over by the Rebel Egg-stravaganza, an Easter party full of fun tasks to earn an exclusive role for all those who complete it!

Read on to find out all about the Rebel Egg-stravaganza!


Use .checklist to access in the server

Over the span of the weekend, everyone has the opportunity to earn the Bonny Bunny role by completing the above checklist before the end of the party. Once you have completed a task, get in touch with a member of the Party Planning Committee to let them know! For details on the contest, including how to enter, check out this post!

Please note that in order to count towards the party checklist, your contest entry must be submitted before the end of the party.

Read on to find out details of the other checklist items!

Attend an Event

Just attend either penguin event for the duration of the party in order to tick off this task!

Send a Message in the Bunny Trail

Easter encourages us to spend time with those who are special to us, and that’s what the Bunny Trail is all about! For a limited time the Discord Server will host the Bunny Trail channel, where you can send a postive message to a friend! To submit a message, fill in this Google Form, and PPC will take care of the rest!

Find the Hidden Easter Eggs

What’s Easter without an Easter Egg hunt? That’s why PPC has hidden 7 different Easter Eggs within the Discord Server. To find the eggs you’re looking for, look at the image below!

Bonny Bunny

Once you’ve completed all four tasks, you’ll be awarded with the Bonny Bunny role, a role exclusive to this party!

Welcome to the Rebel Egg-stravaganza! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to a member of the Party Planning Committee for help! If you’re unsure who’s on the team use .inrole party planning committee in the #bots channel! Happy Easter Egg hunting everyone!

Thank you to Jaeun for the title graphic, Moonlemur for the checklist, Master DS for the Server Banner, and Gabgeirl for the Server Icon!

~ Party Planning Committee~


it's my breakdown i get to choose the soundtrack

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  1. Let’s go eggvent!!!

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