Feelin’ lucky, Rebels? The March 2024 Better Igloos and Furniture Catalogue has arrived, and we are here to help you find all the secrets! Whether you’re in the mood for some Spring gardening, some sweet treats, or some gorgeous green St. Patrick’s themed decor, this catalogue has it! Of course, there’s lots of secrets to uncover…so let’s get started!

-Page 1-

There are 8 secrets hidden on this page.

1. Click on the Gnome’s hand for the Bridge of Destiny. [400 coins]
2. Click on the bottom of the bird bath for the Surprisus Maximus. [250 coins]
3. Click on the top of the pole for the Comfy Stump. [500 coins]
4. Click on the flowers in the right-most pot for the Fairy Flower. [50 coins]
5. Click on the right foot of the bench for the Camping Chair. [250 coins] 

6. Click on the watering can spout for the Hedge Tree. [325 coins]

7. Click on the tallest grass in the koi pond for the Tall Grass. [200 coins]
8. Click on the reddish sprout for the Lounging Deck Chair. [350 coins]

-Page 2-

There are 6 secrets hidden on this page. 

1. Click on the inside of the bottom donut for the Futura Table. [100 coins]
2. Click the left side of the chocolate top for the Futura Stool. [50 coins]
3. Click the chocolate chip on the right for the Cinema Pod. [125 coins]
4. Click the nozzle for the Barrel. [320 coins]
5. Click the left chocolate drip for the Planet Lamp. [75 coins]
6. Click the middle of the lollipop for the UFO. [300 coins]

-Page 3-

There are 6 secrets hidden on this page. 
1, Click on the leg of the deck chair for the Green Bench. [500 coins]
2. Click on the leg of the plush chair for the Green Vase. [350 coins]

3. Click on the top left of the cloud for the Clover Balloon. [15 coins]

4. Click on the top of the rainbow for the Rainbow Bridge. [400 coins]
5. Click on the gold in the pot for the Gold Walkway. [500 coins]
6. Click on the stone on the well for the Green Clover. [300 coins]

-Page 8-

There is one secret on this page. 
1. Click on the pink mushroom for the Backyard Igloo. [4200 coins]

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That will conclude all of the igloo and furniture secrets for this month! We hope you found this guide equal parts useful and enjoyable! If you would like to keep up on all the latest Club Penguin Legacy and Journey news, as well as gain a great community of friendly penguins, join the Rebel Penguin Federation Discord server here! We hope to see you soon!

-Mads (MadDawg) ||Lieutenant General

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