Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Help Force – Fright or Fight Semifinals

On October 24th, the Rebel Penguin Federation and Help Force logged on to Klondike for their semi-finals matchup of the Fright or Fight tournament. The Rebel Penguin Federation vs Help Force series has been a storied matchup, spanning multiple tournaments and hyped AUSIA practice battles (click here and here to see other RPF vs HF battles). Judged by Fright or Fight judges AustinFraud, Cassie, and Robot, this battle was expected to be a close one. 


Both armies entered the Iceberg strongly with fierce bombs. The Rebel Penguin Federation entered with their signature “RPFOWNS” x6 bomb, while the Help Force entered with a “LAME” x9 bomb. Being one of the largest battles of the tournament, those who were locked out of the main room were required to go to the Cove. Both armies took a circle form, leading to a standoff where both armies tried to cover each other. The Rebels took advantage of the opportunity, firing tactics like “GET A NEW FORM.” The Help Force was the first army to bomb out of the circle form, while the Rebel Penguin Federation took the opportunity to claim the advantageous circle form. After the Helpers’ J bomb, they formed up into an upside-down T, trying to take away some of the Rebels’ leverage of the circle. Both armies took jabs at each other, with the Rebels bringing up the concept of mandatory events and the fact that “KING OF NORWEY LIKED US BETTER.” The Helpers fired back with mostly defensive tactics, like “HELP FORCE BRINGS THE FIGHT” and “DON’T BOTHER TO TRY AND SPOOK US TODAY.” After spending the majority of the room in their circle form, the Rebels left their form with a “HELPLESS” x5 bomb. The Rebel Penguin Federation quickly formed up into an X form, curving the edges into an infinity form due to their size. After firing off a couple more tactics referencing Rebel Penguin Federation leader Crazzyhead (IT’S CRAZZY HOW YOU THINK YOU CAN WIN THIS BATTLE) and the Rebel Penguin Federation emote (THAT EMOTE IS THE TROPHY? LOL), the Helpers bombed out of their upside-down T form into a plus form. Both armies swapped emote and word tactics in their respective forms until the room ended. The judges ruled that the Iceberg went to the Rebel Penguin Federation due to the size difference and cleaner formations.


An unsurprising choice for Room 2, both armies entered Inside Mine swiftly. The Rebel Penguin Federation entered with a J bomb, while the Help Force entered with a “BLUEFORCE” x4 bomb. The Helpers formed up into an upside down T, while the Rebels got into an upside-down V form, taking advantage of the room. Both sides quickly fired off tactics, with the Helpers getting their footing back after a suboptimal room 1. The Help Force flipped the dynamic in Room 2, this time firing off more attacking word tactics instead of defensive word tactics. The Help Force took control of the room with fast and striking tactics like “YOU CALL THIS DISASTER A REBELLION?” and “FEDERATION? MORE LIKE ABOMINATION.” The Rebels fired back with tactics about Help Force creator Ayan, saying “AYAN COULDN’T EVEN SAVE YOU GUYS.” Both armies exchanged an assortment of tactics until the Rebels bombed out of their upside-down V form with a “FEDERATION DOMINATION” x2 bomb. The Helpers took the opportunity to bomb out of their upside-down T form with a “BLITZKRIEG” x4 form. The Help Force took an X form, while the Rebels took the upside-down T form. These form changes were the start of a Rebel comeback. With a form that covered the majority of the room, the Rebels were in control despite being at a small size disadvantage. Both sides traded quick tactics, with the Rebels firing off more attack-based tactics, like “MORE HARM THAN HELP” and “THEN WHY ARE YOU GOING DOWN?” (in response to “THE ONLY WAY IS UP” by the Helpers.) The Help Force did not take the attacks laying down, firing back with “TOO MUCH FRIGHT TO COME OUT AND FIGHT HUH?” and the aforementioned “THE ONLY WAY IS UP.” Both armies traded quick emote tactics as Room 2 came to an end. The judges ruled Room 2 a tie due to the Help Force’s slight size advantage and covering tactics in the beginning, but the Rebels pulled the room back to a tie after the form switches.


With two close rooms down, both armies had to bring their very best to the Stadium. The Help Force entered the Stadium with a “DOOM” x8 bomb, while the Rebel Penguin Federation entered with a “SEND HELP, WE’RE STUCK IN A BORING BATTLE” bomb. The Helpers formed up into a plus form, while the Rebels rode their regained momentum from room 2 into a five-lines down form. The Rebels regained the size advantage, making it hard for the Helpers to regain a footing. Both armies exchanged fast tactics. The Rebels kept their intensity, shooting off tactics like “IMAGINE COMPARING US TO WATER VIKINGS” and “WE ARE THE REBEL PENGUIN FEDERATION.” The Help Force kept up with the Rebels’ tenacity, firing tactics like “YOU’RE GOING DOWN LIKE WV” and “THE HELP FORCE REIGNS SUPREME.” The Help Force did a staircase tactic to get out of their plus form. The Rebels held strong through the staircase. Eventually, the Helpers boxed up the Stadium, leading the Rebels telling them that “NO FORM WILL MAKE YOU LOOK BIGGER.” The Rebels then decided to bomb out of their form with an EY bomb. Keeping with the theme of gaining a central and attention-grabbing form, the Rebel Penguin Federation formed up into an X form, taking advantage of the large Stadium. As the Stadium started to come to an end, both armies did not take their foot off of the gas. The Rebels and Helpers kept hurling tactics at each other, with the Rebels stating that “AIR FORCE > HELP FORCE”, while the Helpers claimed that “THE HELP FORCE IS THE REAL ARTILLERY.” The Rebel Penguin Federation and Help Force ended the room with confidence, with the Rebels claiming they were “READY FOR ANOTHER TROPHY,” while the Helpers claimed that this battle was “ANOTHER STUNNING DISPLAY BY HELP FORCE.” Room 3 went to the Rebel Penguin Federation due to cleaner tactics and formations, and as a result, the battle was a 2-1-0 Rebel Penguin Federation win.


Congratulations to the Rebel Penguin Federation for advancing to the finals of the Fright or Fight tournament, and congratulations to the Help Force for putting up an excellent fight! Thank you to the Fright or Fight judges, and good luck to the Rebels in the finals!

Jacquardio, Major General


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