Upcoming News – 31/10/20

Below are all of the upcoming events on CPR!

Monster Maker Catalog Items

With the Halloween Party currently out, so will some new Monster Maker items! They will officially be released on November 5th! Get ready for some more spooky apparel (and maybe more feet items?!)

Penguin Style

As October creeps to an end, November edges in along with a new Penguin Style! Being released November 12th, it will be filled with some mysterious and secured items. Make sure to mark your penguin calendars!

Final Igloo Contest Winners

Starting November 5th, the final winners of the Igloo Contest will be announced! Next week’s newspaper will be filled to the brim with spooky Halloween igloo designs, so make sure to read it!

Penguin Mail

Get your stamps and coins out, because releasing on November 12th is some new Penguin Mail! Get ready some cool new postcards to send to your buddies across the island!

Catalog Guides

Check out October’s Penguin Style catalog guide here!

Check out October’s Better Igloos catalog guide here!

Collectible Pins

Find the current pins here!

Thanks for reading!

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