Week of October 25th, 2020

Our spookiest week of the year led to fun Halloween events while we trained hard for our upcoming Fright or Fight finals battle!

—◊ Weekly Maxes and Averages ◊—

—◊ Maxes ◊—

AUSIA: 50 (3⇑)
EU: 65 (45⇓)
US: 56 (7⇑)

—◊ Averages ◊—

AUSIA: 43 (2⇑)
EU: 59 (14⇓)
US: 52 (6⇑)
Total: 51 (4⇓)

—◊ Weekly News ◊—

This week we celebrated all things spooky in the Party Planning Committee’s Halloweek! With a Halloween themed Skribbl event, a stream of the movie Halloweentown and a Murder Mystery involving our very own HCOM, the PPC has been very busy! Check out #announcements in our discord server for clues and DM a member of PPC if you think you know who the killers are!

We saw the promotion of Brenatto to Second in Command this week! Make sure to congratulate them in chat on their very well deserved promotion if you see them rocking their new orange color!

We held a joint Branch Battle this week with our allies the Ice Warriors! Air Force and Polar combined to make Mercury Mummies, while Navy and Blizzard made up Venus Vampires. Both divisions performed very strongly, however the Venus Vampires clutched the victory with results of 2-1-0! Well done to both branches!

All of this week, we have been training hard for our battle against the Army of Club Penguin in the Fright or Fight tournament finals! This is going to be a massively important battle so make sure that all of you attend! Check out the graphic below for timings:

Our Troop of the Week this week is Jaeun :dizzy:! She has been an exemplary troop this week, attending loads of events and being active in main! Make sure to congratulate her when you see her!

—◊ Challenge of the Week ◊—

This week Avril has created a Halloween-themed Hangman! Have a go yourself by clicking on the photo below!

DM sharkboi#3009 on Discord a screenshot of you getting 5/10 or more on the scoreboard for a prize of 1000 Rebel Cash!

—◊ Division Recap ◊—

—◊ Sunday ◊—


Max: 49
Avg: 48

Starting off the day strong, we had an AUSIA Operation: Branch Battle with the epic, never-ending competitions between Navy and Air Force. Each branch logged on to server Tuxedo on CPArmies to battle each other once again. Both sides did an amazing job! Congrats to Navy on the win as well.

Click here for the full report!


Max: 64
Avg: 59

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Club Penguin’s creation, we had an EU/US  stamp and iceberg tipping event called Operation: Break the Ice! We logged on to server Ascent on CPR and claimed some hard-to-get group stamps. Great job with tactics and stamp collecting rebels!

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Tuesday ◊—


Max: 50
Avg: 47

With our opponent for the finals of the Fright or Fight tournament just unveiled, we logged on to CPA – Tuxedo for Operation: Advancement, aiming to get as much practice in before the big day. Great work on the sharp forms and quick tactics! 

Click here for the full report!


Max: 54
Avg: 53

For our last event of the day, we logged onto CPA – Tuxedo for another training event, but this time it was vc lead! During Operation: Sharp Eared, we focused on being attentive to what was being said in vc and keeping up with the speedy tactics. Fantastic job today rebels!

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Wednesday ◊—


Max: 65
Avg: 63

For Wednesday’s EU event, we logged onto Crystal – CPRewritten for Operation: Monster Mash! We dressed in our most spooky, Halloween festive attire and waddled all around the island for this spooktacular event! What can we say – we’re squash goals. 

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Thursday ◊—


Max: 64
Avg: 60

For Thursday’s EU event, we logged onto Tuxedo – CPArmies and had a VC – led training event in preparation for our Fright or Fight Finals, with our opponent ACP, this coming Sunday! Great work on those quick tactics and formations. Let’s get ready to take another trophy home, rebels! 

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Friday ◊—


Max: 42
Avg: 40

For friday’s AUSIA event we had a joint branch battle on with the Ice Warriors on CPArmies. The winning branch was Venus, with the RPF Navy! Check out the post below for some more event pics of the joint AUSIA battle!

Click here for the full report!


Max: 56
Avg: 51

At today’s US event we had a packed igloo raid event on CPR! Many people got the two igloo party stamps, and along the way we did some fun tactics and nice forms! Good job helping out your fellow rebels!

Click here for the full report!

—◊ Saturday ◊—


Max: 38
Avg: 35

For this spooktacular Ausia event, Operation: Frightful Frenzy, we logged on to Tuxedo – CParmies wearing the ghost puffle and candy corn costumes and went around the island doing some festive and spooooky tactics!

Click here for the full report!


Max: 54

For this special Halloween EU/US event brought to us by the lovely people in the Party Planning Committee, we logged on to Tuxedo – CParmies for the Ghoulish Games! We all had a blast with the trivia, the scavenger hunt, a fashion show and even a mini-battle with our allies the Ice Warriors!

Click here for the full report!

-Tuxedo Times Team: Avril, Princhi, Cat, Sarah, Woogs, z3ming, Mac, Milly and Shark

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