Rebel Penguin Federation vs Ice Warriors – Madhav’s Retirement

On August 15th, 2020, the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Ice Warriors, two of the most powerful armies in the army scene, logged on to Sub Zero for an intense practice battle. Judged by Dark Warriors leaders Spotty, Noa, and Julia, the results of the battle were a surprise until the very end.

Keep reading for a full report on the battle!

Room 1: Cove

An unorthodox selection for room one, both armies entered the Cove quickly with aggressive bombs. The Rebel Penguin Federation entered with an “RPFOWNS” x6 bomb, while the Ice Warriors entered with a “MONKEYS” x6 bomb. Both armies formed up into an upside-down T form, forcing the RPF to waterfall out of their form, and into an upside-down V form. From the beginning, this battle shaped up to be a friendly practice battle between allies. After the Ice Warriors did a staircase out of their upside-down T form, they formed into an X form.

Room 2: Iceberg

The RPF entered the Iceberg with a J bomb, while the Ice Warriors entered with a “WARDOGS” x6 bomb. The RPF formed up into an infinity, taking advantage of the Iceberg’s large size, while the Ice Warriors got into an upside down T form. Both armies took playful jabs at each other, keeping with the theme of a friendly practice battle. The Ice Warriors did an E9 staircase back into an upside down T form, while the RPF performed an EP bomb into a V form. After a couple more minutes in their upside down T form, the Ice Warriors performed an ES bomb, and eventually formed into an upside down V form.

Room 3: Docks

For the final room in this practice battle, the RPF entered the Docks with an EA bomb, while the Ice Warriors entered with their signature “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” bomb. The RPF formed up into an X form, using the dock itself to their advantage, while the Ice Warriors made a plus form. The Ice Warriors made an E6 staircase and took advantage of the size of the docks. The RPF kept their X form for a couple more minutes until they performed an EL bomb into a plus form. Towards the end of the room, the Ice Warriors performed an EU waterfall into an upside down V form, once again taking advantage of the dock.


Madhav’s Retirement

This battle marked the retirement of longtime Ice Warriors leader and RPF veteran Madhav. This practice battle marked the end of an influential eight-year career, in which Madhav had stints in the Dark Warriors, Doritos, Rebel Penguin Federation, but his most influential time was spent in the Ice Warriors. Under Madhav’s leadership, the Ice Warriors maxed 165 in the March Madness tournament and ended up taking home the victory (August Sadness (under CPAH)). The Ice Warriors made an excellent run in the Legends Cup X, beating the Army of Club Penguin in overtime with a max of 120. Madhav himself considers this his best battle. The Ice Warriors also took the Rebel Penguin Federation to double overtime in the LCX semifinals, a battle in which both armies maxed 100+. Both armies took to the Iceberg for some farewell tactics.

Congratulations to both armies for putting up an excellent fight! Congratulations to Madhav on his retirement and an excellent career, congrats to the Rebel Penguin Federation and Ice Warriors on an excellent battle!

– Jacquardio, Major General


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