Hey there Rebels, hope you are all ready because… Rebel Rewind is BACK!! Each week we’ll be looking at a moment in RPF’s past so that you can learn more about the history of this prestigious army! Without further ado, let’s dive into this week’s historical moment.

Ausia Week – May 2021

It was May 2021. To celebrate the one year anniversary of  the 100+ ausia max as well as being in preparation for the Three-Way AUSIA battle later that week, the AUSIA HCOM had something up their sleeve. A week full of AUSIA events (with a few EU and US events sprinkled in) in order to build up the hype! They called it AUSIA Ultimate Ascension, after the legendary event name and on the 25th it had begun.
Starting the week off with another classic operation – Mine Diamonds, the week was filled with other unique or interesting activities such as a Pizzatron Tournament, a Twin event and even an AUSIA fashion show!
There was even a cool role available for those who attended 5/5 AUSIA events, the AUSIA Ascenders role, which was a super cool purple tone. All in all, there was 31 Rebels who managed to earn this. Although you cant get this role anymore, you can still get some AUSIA related giveaways by checking out the battle this Saturday.
That’s all for this week Rebels, hope you enjoyed this edition of Rebel Rewind! Be sure to tune back in soon for a new edition full of bite-sized RPF Historical moments!
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