Troop of the Week #233

With a new contest, a new mod, and round two of the Ausia Arena tournament against the Templars tomorrow, RPF is bustling with activity and excitement. Our maxes are high with many troops showing up to events and trainings, and the chat is lively with activity. One person’s dedication and rebel pride made them stand out among the rest, and HCOM has deemed them worthy of being this week’s Troop of the Week…..

Shpec joined RPF in late December, just over a month ago, and is currently at the rank of Captain. He’s a friendly face in chat and never fails to keep things interesting, especially by introducing the RPF to Bean Sock. Additionally, his very consistent attendance and great support to RPF has not gone unnoticed, and HCOM was sure he should be chosen as this week’s Troop of the Week!

Make sure you congratulate Shpec when you see him in chat!

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