Hello, rebels! Welcome to a new edition of Throwback Thursday, the installment of Rebel Rewind, RBT’s History Column. In a biweekly fashion, we will be reviewing the finest moments of RPF. Let’s see what today’s highlight is all about.

October 26th, 2020

The Party Planning Committee was hard at work for last year’s Halloween celebrations, as they brought to us a fun week filled with frightfully amusing events. Check out the Halloweek Autumn 2020 introductory post to see how amidst the celebrations, a tragedy struck the rebels. Members of HCOM (in their penguin forms) died under mysterious circumstances. With the killings growing in number, the Party Planning Committee Crime Unit reached out to all troops in hopes of receiving some collaboration, and crack the case. 

Former 2ic Brenatto, following their tragic demise.

The unlucky victims were Cosmo, Elex, Brenatto and Penho. They were able to leave clues regarding the identity of the two HCOM culprits, and it was up to the troops to make something out of them. A juicy reward awaited the most observant rebels who were able to solve the mystery in time. It turns out F6sixer and Steax were behind the murders all along! You can investigate all the clues and their solutions here!

This activity was much enjoyed by all rebels, who made sure to thank the Party Planning Committee for their hard work. No HCOM members were harmed during the party.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Throwback Thursday! Be sure to tune back in soon for a new edition full of bite-sized RPF Historical moments! 

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