Hey Rebels! Welcome back another to Throwback Thursday, an installment of Rebel Rewind, RBT’s History Column! Each week we will be looking at a moment in RPF’s past so that you get to learn more about the history of this prestigious army! Without further ado, let’s dive into this week’s historical moment.

December 2019

With RPF recently back into the army community, the army was hitting a wave of strong sizes and Rebel Commander Ultipenguinj sought to end off 2019 on a good note! He would introduce the Holiday Hundred on November 29th, 2019 which was an operation with plans to hit sizes of 100 in EU/US and 50 in AUSIA before 2020 began.

Over the course of the December numerous events were hosted in all three divisions! The largest event of the month, Operation: Feelin’ Just Pine, would ultimately be on the last Sunday of 2019 where RPF would reach the size of 101 breaking Ulti’s goal of 100!

With a strong end to 2019, RPF would continue to see large sizes throughout much of 2020 as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic and increased lockdown throughout much of the world. Numerous times sizes of 100+ were hit including our all time record of 176 being reached along with more than 100 penguins at an AUSIA event! The Holiday Hundred was the stepping stone towards the 2020 year and has greatly impacted the RPF we are currently apart of today!

Hope you enjoyed reading about this week’s Throwback Thursday! Make sure to tune in again for more bite-sized RPF Historical moments on the next issue!

Yodabobobo~Third In Command

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