Rebels Victorious – End of the Black Seas War

On November 5th, 2020 the war between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Water Vikings began. Our declaration of war was announced within an hour of the Dark Warriors also declaring war on WV. Because of this the community now knew it as the Black Seas War.

Following the declaration announcement, came the scheduling of our invasions on WV land. Icicle and Cream Soda, two pieces of land that reside on the same plain as our capital, Tuxedo.

On November 7th, we hit a max of 87, A RECORD BREAKING AUSIA SIZEWe successfully invaded Cream Soda and broke another RPF record.

Can’t forget this moment, war terms are important.

The next day, we bounced back with a max of 89. Once again, we successfully claimed Icicle and proceeded with our clean sheet record.

The war concluded due to the Water Vikings leaving the Club Penguin Army Hub league on November 11th. The departure was due to unfortunate circumstances that did not involve our war. Though the war ended on an awkward note, we prevailed throughout it all. Broke RPF uniformed records, demonstrated the strength our AUSIA division, and claimed large pieces of land near Tuxedo. On behalf of Cosmo and myself, we are proud of everyone who made it their priority to attend and fight alongside us. On top of that, we saw notable rises in leadership amongst our Second In Commands as they led us to victory on Sunday in the Invasion of Icicle. As for our allies, we standby the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors no matter what. This couldn’t have happened without the dedication from our troops and staff, so we salute you. As for the Vikings, we wish them luck in their future endeavors in these upcoming months. Don’t slip on black ice and most importantly, fight the good fight.

Crazzy, Rebel Commander

Cosmo, Rebel Commander


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