The Contest Team is back and bringing you the results of the Cake Decorating Contest! For this Sweet 16, you were tasked to get creative and decorate a custom RPF-themed cake! We enjoyed judghing the great many submissions, but there can only be three winning cakes, while the rest were chopped

In First Place, winning the Sweet Toothteenth role and 5000 Rebel Cash is…


In Second Place, winning 2500 Rebel Cash is…


In Third Place, winning 1000 Rebel Cash is…


Congratulations to our three winners, and thank you to everyone who submitted! We hope you enjoyed RPF’s Sweet 16. We hope to see you participating in the next contest!

z3ming | Second in Command

~RNM Contest Team~

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  1. omg these are so cute!
    the first one is very beautifully detailed 🌹, the second is very much on “Wednesdays we wear pink” vibe 💅🏻, and the third one is the cake I would’ve gotten if I had a sweet goth sixteen 🦇

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