Have you ever stayed in a queue for what felt like hours trying to meet that one mascot and retrieve their background and stamp? If so, we have a feeling you’ll love this new contest! That being said, the Contest Team is back with a Make-Your-Own-Mascot Contest, brought to us by Third in Command: LittySkitty! Keep reading to find out more!

If you were in charge of creating the next Club Penguin mascot, who would they be? Would they be a penguin or a different creature? What would their name be? What would they wear? How would their backstory / lore tie into the rest of the island or other characters? We want to see your imaginations run wild! The first-place winner of this contest will receive rebel cash, as well as the stunning Mascot Maker role. The second and third place winners will receive everyone’s favorite gift: rebel cash!

To enter, DM any member of the Contest Team your entry – and as always, if you’re unsure of who the team consists of, feel free to run “.inrole contests” in the #bots channel. Also, please note that each and every entry will be judged based on creativity and originality. So let those imaginations run free and join in on the most fun contest around!

Contest Rules 

– No more than one entry per person! 

– Every submission MUST include: the name of your mascot and the type of creature they are, an image of your penguin wearing the mascot’s outfit / a description of the creature and what they would look like, and a short description of your mascot’s backstory / lore that ties into parts of the island! 

– Only mascots made on CPA Battleground will be accepted – this is the only CPPS allowed. 

Submissions close on Sunday, May 28th! 

If you have any questions, feel free to ping or DM a staff member on the team! We can’t wait to see all of your, what we’re sure we’ll be fantastic, submissions! Best of luck! <3

Gianna | General 

~RNM Contest Team~


you're loved. <3

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