Following in the spirit of the Anniversary Week, time to present another fun server wide activity from the RNM Contest Team. It’s time for a new Site Scavenger Hunt Contest. Hope to see you all enjoy completing this, learning some history and getting some prizes along the way. Read on for more details.

We have done many scavenger hunts on CPR, but it’s time to purely focus on on the site. We are asking you to use the riddles below to find different hidden items on the site to unlock posts. In the theme of the Anniversary week, we hope you learn a thing or two about RPF by going through the pages.

Hope you all have fun! As a reward, upon completion of the riddles you will receive some rebel cash as well as a special exclusive role.

If you have any questions simply direct message a member of the Contest Team. You can find a list containing all the members of the team by doing .inrole contests in #bots.

Contest Rules/How it Works:

– 1. Solve the riddle to find the password || 2. Unlock the post || 3. Follow the instructions on the post to receive your prize!

– Once you have solved all the riddles, you will be awarded the exclusive Historian role!

– Sharing answers with others is not permitted

– All answers can be found on this RPF site

Note that there is no daily deadline for each riddle. You can submit them all at once or one by one on any day you’d like.

All answers must be submitted by May 9th.

Sunday Riddle

Many new RPF members everyday

More friends to come and play

Anyone can invite them staff or troop

Find out more about how and be in the loop

Find the password on the site and unlock this post HERE

Saturday Riddle

When all is said and done

It’s time to look at RPF when it’s begun

Our past to our present

Read about what RPF has meant

Find the password on the site and unlock this post HERE

Friday Riddle

Full of bright pink

Updated by week

The last on the list

Is the key that you seek

Find the password on the site and unlock this post HERE

Thursday Riddle

During times of war
And a battle is in store
We can trust our allies
To help us rise

Find the password on the site and unlock this post HERE

Wednesday Riddle

When mascots are on the run,
and you don’t want to miss out on the fun
You seek a place that’s reliable and fast
hanging out beside a hall of the past

Find the password on the site and use it to access the post HERE

Tuesday Riddle

Counting down to blast away
From the place where pets reside
If you need some tips to play
Check out this helpful guide

Find the password on the site and unlock this post HERE

Monday Riddle

The man who started it all was struck with great grief
A musical loss unlike no other, the strings are in disbelief
In a hall of people that we will never forget
Follow the music just like an old cassette

Enter password here HERE

Hope you all enjoy the contest, don’t be afraid to message anyone on the contest team for help, we would be glad to!

– amoji | Third in Command



Alors On Danse!

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