Hello rebels! The RNM Contests Team is back yet again, this time to present our new contest, which was actually designed by the creative Third in Command gabgeirl! Her idea for this innovative type of contest involves creating your own break-day event. Be sure to read on below to find out more!

To participate in this contest, the Contest Team encourages everyone to think of a unique activity for a break-day event, which can be anything you like, and doesn’t need to be related to Club Penguin! As a reminder, break-day events are non-CP events that usually take place once a week, as a break from our usual activities. They are definitely the perfect way to have fun in RPF without worrying about promotion chances or being fast with tactics, just some good classic fun with friends, and now you get to create your own!

Start thinking up of some ideas, because the Breakday Brainiac role is up for grabs only for the winner! Keep in mind that all entries will be equally judged according to our own judgement, and the originality of the submission. Don’t be shy and direct your contest submissions, as well as questions, to a member of the Contests Team, which you can find by doing .inrole Contests in the #bots channel.

Contest Rules 

One entry per participant! 

– Break-day event submissions must include the activity, a brief overview of how it would be hosted, and why you think your activity should win and be featured!

– The activity needs to be free, safe and accessible to all.

Every entry must follow the RPF rules and the break-day activity needs to be appropriate. Ask a Contest Team member if you are unsure.

Submissions close on March 12th! 

We hope you will enjoy this new spin on a contest! We are looking forward to your incredible submissions! Good luck!



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