Hey, Rebels! The RNM Contest Team is back again to bring you the results for the Create A Channel Contest! For this contest, the Rebels were required to come up with a concept for a brand new miscellaneous channel that could serve a purpose for anything that doesn’t fit in main chat or can’t already be done in another existing channel that’s in the RPF Discord server for a limited time.

The RNM Contest Team had a pleasure looking through all of the submissions, and we strongly appreciate everyone who took the time to send in a submission. With that being said, there could only be one winner and we’re pleased to announce the winner of the Create A Channel Contest

Tied for First Place, each winning 5000 rebel cash, the Creativity Channeller role, and their channel in the Discord server for a limited time is…

gianna – #♡-tunes-galore-♡

share your album, song, artist, etc. recommendations here! music brings people together so why not share it? <3

rai – #Music

Music Chanel Wehr Evrejoine are welcome o chat about Music + why i did chause Music chanel maybe i have had Past say but Real life i like o sing allmust like Karoke vith Text + i used o play Keybourd but not Longer + I love o listen to Music and like o go to Music Concert o listen not Dance dont like it virtualy like vith Emoyi our other its ok but yes Rai Love Music .

In Second Place, winning 2500 Rebel Cash is…

nana5757 – #Penguins

Show off your penguins!

In Third Place, winning 1000 Rebel Cash is…

LittySkitty – #BEAN-CHAT!

A place for bean blessings, daily beansock, and all things bean. Bean cult shall worship here daily. Chat here daily for your recommended daily dose of bean.

Huge congratulations again to the winners! Thank you again to everyone who sent in a submission for this contest. We hope you all enjoyed this contest, and we can’t wait to bring you more fun contests like this one in the near future!

Joseph | General

~RNM Contest Team~


"Treat everybody the way that you want to be treated." - The Golden Rule

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