Croeso Rebels! Another contest draws to a close today and the RNM Contest Team is excited to share with you the results of the Breakday Contest! For this contest the Rebels were given free rein to design their own breakday event to host!

As usual we loved reviewing all of your submissions and want to thank everyone who submitted an entry! With that being said however, there can only be the one winner…

Coming in First Place and winning 5000 Rebel Cash and the Breakday Braniac role is

LittySkitty – Codenames

Competitive branch activity on https://codenames.game/, a game involving 2 teams, no account creation necessary and people join the room with a unique URL provided by the host (which will be a staff member). Players join the red or blue team which is perfect for our navy/air force branches. The rules are on the site too but its pretty easy to learn, and each branch can discuss their answers in their respective branch channels

Coming in Second Place and winning 2500 Rebel Cash is

Cracked – Riddle Mania

Staff come up with a few riddles and they are posted in events, these riddles arent related to logging on in cpl but they can be connected to anything rpf related or even other stuff. The person to solve the riddles first wins, and we can drop subtle hints in main chat while people are busy. Also, the riddles dont all have to be the typical tricky question, it can be more innovative as well. It could even be split into the 2 branches I think so theres more branch action happening in the server

And finally, in Third Place and winning 1000 Rebel Cash is

Rai – Movie and Kahoot

i have 2 idea yes one site it say only 1 thing o pick so about Fridays i was tink Movie nighte like vi shuld watch some random movie that perfect for RPF + why Friday the thing is Monday i Rai have Beasy o day so my idea was 1. Movie nighte like Movie our TV show 2 . idea and i realy liked Kahhot but like random theam like Animals world Nature our more + have time o host only one Friday Evning subbimision + sory for my English

A big congratulations to our winner and the runners up! And thank you to everyone who sent in a submission! We hope you all enjoyed and look forward to seeing you at our next contest!

gabgeirl | Third in Command

~RNM Contest Team~


it's my breakdown i get to choose the soundtrack

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