The RNM Contest Team is coming back at you with the winners of the latest Event Contest! During the past few weeks, all rebels were encouraged to design their own creative and fun CPAB events, from the costumes down to the rooms in game!

The team was so dazzled with the entertaining and unique submissions you guys offered that they had quite a hard time deciding which ones to pick. However, in the end, only 3 brilliant ideas stood out from the rest and will come to fruition…

In 1st place, winning 5000 Rebel Cash and the Event Entrepreneur role is…

Rachel04 – Operation: Rebels On Fire

Coming in 2nd place, winning 2500 Rebel Cash is…

Gabgeirl – Operation: Fairy Ring

As for 3rd place, winning 1000 Rebel Cash is…

THEBESTBIRD – Operation: Extermination

Congratulations to the winners, and a special thanks to all who participated in this event by sending in their entries. We hope you enjoyed it, and hopefully we will see you back for our next contest!

-Master DS | Brigadier General


Master DS

Lead from the heart, not the head.

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