The RNM Contest Team is back to conclude this week’s special scavenger hunt! This week you had to find items around the island of club penguin. Each day, there was a new riddle to solve. We hope you had a great time exploring the island!

During the week you were presented with riddles in which you had to find certain items within CPR.  The Contest Team thanks all 23 participants for their help solving the riddles!

You can find the riddle answers at the bottom of this post!

Teams/Individuals Scoring Perfect:

Total Correct Riddle Submissions:

Every team will be awarded 250 Rebel Cash per correct answer!

Monday’s Riddle:

A path blocked off with yellow and black Dirt over snow, creating a track Triangles lying next to the scene What better place for them but a tree. (answer: Yellow and black barrier at Docks)

Tuesday’s Riddle:

You turn off the lamp, to recline and relax Whether you are connecting the pieces together, Or unpacking old memories, Your friend will be watching over, happily swaying (answer: Horse in Lodge Attic)

Wednesday’s Riddle:

Supplies laid out for a fair to be Soon to be opened and strewn about Left on the side for someone to read Adjacent, a ball, while you wait, play about (answer: Note on side of box at Beach)

Thursday’s Riddle:

it shows you names, it shows you numbers written in chalk and placed near the counter you say your request as your stomach rumbles and walk your way back to the plush recliner (answer: Menu board at Coffee shop)

Friday’s Riddle:

An arrangement of colors lined up in a row Call them quaint, but they make a good show Their presence is a symbol of festivities Usually seen above ground, dancing with the breeze (answer: Banderitas at Docks)

Saturday’s Riddle:

Floating far, and cold on feet Not much to hide, not much to see Yet one machine lurks with the tide With tubes for air on either side (answer: Aqua grabber at Iceberg)

Sunday’s Riddle:

A golden tribute to a sacred being An ancient place amongst the snowy tips Many have seen it despite its fleeing Cold waters splashes as it takes dips (answer: Gold fish on Dojo roof)

The Contest Team would once again like to thank everyone who took part in the scavenger hunt. We hope you had fun solving all the riddles. Stay tuned for future fun contests!

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~RNM Contest Team~


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