RNM MEME CONTEST [09/13/2021]

As the RNM Contest Team wrapped up our last scavenger hunt-themed contest, we are back at it again with a hilarious-filled contest. With school coming back into session, it’s high time we came back to brighten the scene with a fun meme contest!

For this contest, we want all comedians to come out with creative and fun, RPF or Club Penguin-themed memes!

To enter, just direct message a member of the Contest Team a picture of your meme. You can find a list of all members by doing .inrole Contests in #bots.

The winners will be picked by the Contest Team, and those picked will receive a Rebel Cash reward!

Contest Rules:

– No more than 2 entries per person

No referencing of any specific people

– Every entry must follow the RPF rules (appropriate, no swearing, etc.)

– Sending your entries in #memes before the results are released is not permitted

All entries must be submitted by September 25th

Feel free to reach out to anyone on the Contest Team regarding any questions you may have. Good luck everyone and remember to have fun!

-Coric | Lieutenant General |



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