The RNM Contest Team is back and ecstatic to present the results of the latest art contest! In this contest, we asked you Rebels to get creative and show off your art skills. After very careful consideration, we’re ready to present you with the results!

We thoroughly enjoyed reviewing every single one of your submissions and we thank you greatly for putting in effort with your entries! Every piece of art work was stunning! However, winners must and will be announced…

In first place, winning a prize of 5000 Rebel Cash is…



In second place, winning a prize of 2500 Rebel Cash is…

JJsnowflake & Boogaloo!

In third place, winning a prize of 1000 Rebel Cash is…

Zhark, Yip & Link!

Honourable Mentions 

receiving a prize of 500 Rebel Cash each

Jess Zr



Congratulations to all of our winners and a massive thank you to everyone who entered! Choosing a winner is never an easy decision and we truly loved seeing all your entries. On behalf of the Contest Team, we hope you all enjoyed the contest and stay tuned for our next one!

– panini | Head General



i was a girl in the village doin' alright, then i became a princess overnight!

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  1. These are all incredible! :O All the talent in RPF.

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