The RNM Contest Team has decided it’s time for another Igloo Decorating Contest! Read on to see the theme!

This contest is to see who can decorate the best halloween themed igloo! This is your chance to show off how much of a spooky scary skeleton you really are!

In order to enter, simply decorate your igloo to match the theme. The contest team will judge your igloo based originalitycreativity, and how well it fits the theme.

DM a Contest Team member with your entry! You can find a list of all Contest Team members by doing .inrole Contests in #bots-and-potions.


This contest will be held on CPArmies. If you don’t have a CPArmies account, you can make one here. Send a direct message with your username to crazzy#0001 on discord, so she can activate your account. If she’s not online, you can ask for help in #help-desk!

Once you’re in your igloo, you can choose an igloo from the list here. Make sure to say !ac 999999 in the game chatbar so you have enough coins for all the items. To get the igloo of your choice, find its ID on the list and say !igloo <ID> in the game chatbar, and it will be added to your igloo inventory.

To get furniture items, you can find their IDs on the list of wall, room, floor, and pet furnature. To get the furniture items of your choice, say !af <ID> in the game chatbar, and it will be added to your furniture inventory.

Contest Rules

— You are only allowed one submission.

— All igloos that are submitted must be on CPArmies, no other CPPS is allowed.

— In your screenshot, the edit button on the bottom right must be visible, so we know it’s your igloo on CPArmies.

The Halloween Igloo Decorating contest will end Friday, October 30th at 12pm EST.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of the contest will win 5000, 2500, and 1000 rebel cash respectively, and have their igloos featured in an RPF event! Any honourable mentions will earn 500 rebel cash each, and would replace the top 3 winners in the featured event if one of them is unable to attend.

Good luck everyone! If you have any questions, feel free to DM any member of the Contest Team!

-Z3ming, Major General

~RNM Contest Team~

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