The RNM Contest Team is back, coming at you with another much-awaited Igloo Decorating Contest! That’s right, we are asking you to spruce up your igloo in CPRewritten and submit your best creation. Keep reading below to find out more!

You’ll be blending in with the current party with this contest’s Fair theme! Use your imagination and spend some coins on furniture to design a showstopping igloo. To get the best experience and not miss out on anything while browsing for items, be sure to check out our Better Igloos catalog guide here

When you are ready to send in your submission, simply direct message any Contest Team member. You can easily find all members by doing .inrole Contests in #bots. Everyone’s entries will be judged by the Contest Team based on creativity and innovation.

All winners will receive a Rebel Cash reward, in addition to the special Igloo Innovator role for the #1 winner only!

Contest Rules

– Only one submission per contestant.

– Your submitted igloo must be made in CPRewritten, it’s the only CPPS allowed.

– You must make sure the Igloo Edit button can be seen on the bottom-right, to verify you are using CPRewritten.

– Do not send a picture of your igloo anywhere in the server before results are announced.

– Do not take credit for other people’s ideas, be inventive and let everyone have fun!

All entries are to be submitted by October 9th.

Hope you all have fun decorating your ideal Fair-themed igloo! Don’t hesitate to reach out to a member of the Contest Team if you need help with anything! Good luck, rebels!

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~RNM Contest Team~


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