To kick off the fall season, the September 2021 Better Igloos Catalog is now out! Especially with the highly-anticipated release of the Fair Party, these items are perfect to get in the carnival spirit!

-Page 1-

1). Click the top of the rightmost fence post for the Ferris Wheel Chair.

2) Click the right eye of the Feed Fluffy Trashcan for the Big Show Curtains.

3). Click the top left side of the Comfy Crab for the Regal Table.

-Page 2-

1). Click the top of the leftmost pole on the Fair Flags for the Barrel Chair.

2). Click the rightmost side of the Water Bowl for the Bumper Obstacles.

3). Click the “S” in the Cream Soda for the Archaeological Dig Decal.

-Page 3-

1). Click on the pink mug on the Inspiration Station for the Cityscape.

-Page 4-

1). Click the middle left rail of the Arch Ramp for the Pirate Ship.

2). Click the middle rail of the Stair Ramp at the right uppermost side for the Mars.

3). Click the button furthest to the right on the Slushie Maker for the Pink Plastic Castle.

-Page 5-

1). Click on the bulb of the Popcorn Machine for the Snack Stand.

2). Click on the top of the right pole in the Velvet Rope for the S Curve Ramp.

-Page 6-

1). Click on the perch on the Blue Birdhouse for the Railroad Piece.

-Page 7-

1).Click on the lava bubble in the Lava Lamp for the Gold Railroad Piece.

2). Click on the front leg of the Plastic Deck Chair for the Gold Railroad Intersection.

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And that concludes the September 2021 Better Igloos catalog! Make sure to check out the previous issues above for even more secret items. Thank you all for reading and good luck decorating your igloo!

-Alienn, Lieutenant General


You're doing amazing sweetie

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