To wrap the summer up, the August 2021 Better Igloos catalog has been released! With a wide selection of new rocking furniture just in time for the music jam party, this catalog is the perfect way to spice up your igloo! Keep on reading for all the hidden items found in this month’s issue.

-Page 1-

This page has 2 secrets!

1.) Click the left side of the Open/Closed sign for the CPU Locker. (100 coins)

2.) Click the top of the Clothes Rack for the Broom. (30 coins)

-Page 2-

This page has 1 secret!

3.) Click the puffle on the Grand Stage Arch for the CPU Student Desk. (150 coins)

-Page 3-

This page has 1 secret!

4.) Click the top of the Snowy Tree for the Garden. (200 coins)

-Page 4-

This page has 3 secrets!

5.) Click the globe on the Student Desk for the Laboratory Desk. (700 coins)

6.) Click the turtle in the Turtle Bowl for the Peppy Stage Poster. (75 coins)

7.) Click the iceberg on the Map Area Rug for the Ice Block. (50 coins)

-Page 5-

This page has 2 secrets!

8.) Click the leaf on the Stump Bookcase for the Pop Art Painting. (450 coins)

9.) Click the puffle on the Recliner Stump for the Plush Gray Chair. (560 coins)

-Page 6-

This page has 1 secret!

10.) Click the left leg of the Chalkboard for the Stage Curtain. (100 coins)

-Page 7-

This page has secrets!

11.) Click the Sunset Flowers for the Station Bench. (75 coins)

12.) Click the Acoustic Guitar Shadow Box for the Wall Clock. (450 coins)

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And that concludes the August 2021 Better Igloos catalog! Make sure to check out the previous issues above for even more secret items. Thank you for reading and see you all next time!

Mars ~ General

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  1. slightlyinsaneburntpieceoftoast

    I see curved booth seat, but no round table with white cloth, only blue cloth, so that will have to do

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