Once again, the RNM Contest Team is back with another contest. For this week, we’ve prepared a scavenger hunt contest for all of you. We hope you have fun with this new contest and without further ado, find more details on the contest below!

With the new release of Music Jam Party, you might have noticed all the new rooms on Club Penguin Rewritten. Hopefully through this new contest, you will be able to explore the new rooms more thoroughly and also perhaps notice more details that you haven’t noticed before!

We will be releasing a riddle daily for a duration of one week. By solving all the riddles, you will receive a Rebel Cash prize and the Musical Mastermind role!

Contest Rules:

– You are allowed to work in groups of up to 4 people, but working alone is also accepted.

–  When you find the item, DM any member of the Contest Team with the name of the item and location OR with a screenshot of your penguin in game next to the item. You can find a list of the members by doing .inrole contests in #bots.

– There is no daily deadline for each riddle. You can submit them all at once or one by one on any day you like, but all answers must be submitted by end of day Sunday, September 12th.

– Sharing the answers with others is not permitted!

– Feel free to message a member of the Contest Team if you need a clue!

Monday’s Riddle

A path blocked off with yellow and black

Dirt over snow, creating a track

Triangles lying next to the scene

What better place for them but a tree

Tuesday’s Riddle

You turn off the lamp, to recline and relax

Whether you are connecting the pieces together,

Or unpacking old memories,

Your friend will be watching over, happily swaying.

Wednesday’s Riddle

Supplies laid out for a fair to be

Soon to be opened and strewn about

Left on the side for someone to read

Adjacent, a ball, while you wait, play about

Thursday’s Riddle

It shows you names, it shows you numbers

Written in chalk and placed near the counter

You say your request as your stomach rumbles

And walk your way back to the plush recliner

Friday’s Riddle

An arrangement of colors lined up in a row

Call them quaint, but they make a good show

Their presence is a symbol of festivities

Usually seen above ground, dancing with the breeze

Saturday’s Riddle

Floating far, and cold on feet

Not much to hide, not much to see

Yet one machine lurks with the tide

With tubes for air on either side

Sunday’s Riddle

A golden tribute to a sacred being

An ancient place amongst the snowy tips

Many have seen it despite its fleeing

Cold waters splashes as it takes dips

All the best to everyone and don’t be afraid to ask anyone from the Contest Team for help!

– anya, Major General

~RNM Contest Team~


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