Following an eventful period of three weeks, the RNM Contest Team is happy to announce the results of the Event Contest! This time, all rebels were tasked with designing their own ideal event, with the possibility of it being officially hosted.

With so many creative submissions to choose from, the team had a fantastic time going through each entry individually and seeing everyone’s clever ideas. In the end, only 3 particularly inventive rebels could win…

In First Place, taking home a prize of 5000 Rebel Cash and the special Event Entrepreneur role is…


With an event by the name of ”Operation: Pink Wednesday”, a Mean Girls themed event where we dress up in our pinkiest outfits!

As for 2nd place, with a prize of 2500 Rebel Cash is…


With ”Operation: Greasers vs Surfers”, an event where we dress up as Greasers and Surfers for some friendly competition!

Finishing up in 3rd place, winning 1000 Rebel Cash is…


With ”Operation: Sneaky Polar Bear”, an event where we dress up as Herbert and cause chaos all over the place!

Big congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who submitted their event concepts! We had a blast going through your entries as always. On behalf of the Contest Team, we genuinely hope you liked this contest. We look forward to your contribution in the coming one! Be sure to stay up to date!

– Cracked | General



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