lanie is on leavenie [extended director’s cut]

so where should i start?

on april 30th, 2020, i was ditching my chemistry lecture because to be honest i was too lazy to go to it (if you’re my professor and somehow reading this i apologize). i had been on cpr numerous times before with my friends but decided to hop on to bully talk to some people! :p i was waiting in the plaza for the limo and i had seen someone named trackling talking about a fun group and i was like sure i’ll join and thinking “i’ll talk for a few minutes and probably never check discord ever again! :D” well, boy was i wrong. over a year later, here i am retiring from my position at third in command, a rank i never thought of even working towards. if you know me then, you know i wanted to be an eternal scout medic but i guess my penguin had other plans for me.

in august 2020, i became an officer cadet and eventually began working up the staff ranks! on april 19th, 2021, a week or two before my one year anniversary of joining rpf (<3), i had exited my calculus final to see i had been promoted to third in command which was quite shocking, a tad confusing, but very exciting.

in my 16 months of being enlisted in the rpf, i have made so many friends and so many memories there are too many to count but here are my favorites <3

i promise i was talking about heath’s turkey burger :’) </3

no words but had to add it in…

thanks for listening to me sing my heart out in karaoke :’) concert soon maybe? also s/o to tesa for this :tipscrown:

summer olympics 2021:

when i first became a mod, the party planning committee was the first team i joined and it was such a blast and getting to plan the summer olympics with the rest of my fellow hcom and my amazing co-captain avril was just such an awesome moment and made me so happy.

in addition to my favorite moments and memories, there are so many people that have helped make this experience something i will never forget. i wish i could write something about every single person in rpf but this post would simply be too long. so here are some shoutouts to people who brought me to this point. i don’t know what i’d do without y’all <3


heefy :’) it’s crazy how fast the night changes. my first friend, my sorority sister (elam till i die!!), soz for thinking you had a twin brother. but in all honesty, i credit you for how far i have come. thank you for yelling at me to fill out promo forms. i would quite literally not be here without you, i am so grateful to have you in my life and i appreciate every bit of advice you have given me. thanks for being my ride or die. <3 yeehaw baby!

my fellow horsewomen of the apocalypse:

woogy, lotte, and rosie. god the memories we have created. the stabbies, the lodcast, and everything in between. i guess it’s time to forgive y’all for losing our shared brain cell. thank you for being there for me through the good and the bad. woogy, thank you for your skincare advice and just being a dope friend. i can’t imagine my life without your spark. pika pika use thunderbolt!! lotte, duccy smoosh! i love you so so much. thanks for hyping me up. you’re a queen. rosie, my forever ralph to my felix. thank you for your friendship. my sisters for life. disneyland trip soon? it’s gotta happen sooner or later. i love y’all endlessly.

all of eta phi epsilon:

ELAM!! i honestly have no words except thank you. for all the crazy karaoke nights, the days where i was literally on the floor crying out of laughter, and the journey through times where picnic guy still existed. y’all made the summer of 2020 so fun and i can’t imagine it without y’all. here’s to the water zoos!

operation: disneyland:

well, this one will be an interesting time for sure! through the ups and the downs of mod life whether it was us trying to stay up for 6 am practice battles, the diznee – nights, or mars’ keyboard asmr, i wouldn’t trade those memories for anything in the entire world. y’all brighten up my day and i’m so glad for the experiences we’ve had together. hopefully, we can complete operation: disneyland in the future. love you three endlessly.

my lovely tea cups:

okay well all i can say about y’all is [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted]. so bye!

just kidding. i can’t believe that this happened all because of us playing codm together. you all are so amazing in your individual ways and the endless late nights of us playing together gave me so much serotonin. i truly cannot thank you enough. saturdays are truly for the tea. <3

elex & f6:

thank you so much for trusting me with this opportunity and helping me along the way. i am so happy that i got to know you both and i am forever grateful for the lessons you both have given me. i am so excited to see the rest of your journey as rebel commanders and cannot wait to see what rpf has in store for the future. <3


thanks for being one of my best friends. you’re quite literally so awesome and genuine and have given me so much in the time that i’ve known you. so thankful for all the listening parties, the interventions, the advice. even if they were hard pills to swallow, you always helped me discover what was best for me. and i cannot thank you enough. you’re the best. fly over soon so my dad can make tofu for us!! disneyland trip when? [s/o to link for being my irl grammarly and coming up with the title of my post] i love you for forever. <3


where do i begin? thank you for your mentorship since before i became staff. you were always so helpful and reassuring whenever it came to anything i was going through. you’ve given me some of the best advice that even my irl advisors didn’t give me and i don’t know what i’d do without you. you’re amazing and i’m so happy that i got to know you :’) <3


thank you. y’all made my time as hcom and mod so enjoyable. my honorary mentors. thank you for your guidance and thank you for dealing with my rambling !! i know it can be a lot at times and i’m so thankful to be able to work with all of you and just be friends with y’all. i’m going to miss y’all tremendously. <3

my mentees and former mentors:

this one goes out to all my mentees i’ve ever had. when i became a mod, i always wanted to become a mentor because of the amazing mentors i had that shaped me to become the staff member i am today.

steax, crazzy, and elex: thank you for all your mentorship. i know without a doubt in my mind i would not have the same set of leadership skills without the advice you gave me. i appreciate you more than words can tell.

alienn: my lil luma. i am so proud of you. i can’t tell you how much our friendship means to me. you’re my twin my forever mentee. i’m so glad we met and i’m so proud of all your accomplishments and i can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you. i am always in awe because of the amazing things that you do day in and day out. on discord and off. you make me so proud to know you. i love you endlessly and i cannot wait to go to disneyland with you one day! love you lots <33

marie: my ading. i am so glad i started talking to you. you’ve become my little sister and i hope that you consider me as your ate (if not that’s a little awk). i’m incredibly proud of you regarding your experience in rpf and all that you do irl. you’re a force to be reckoned with and i’m so proud of you. you mean the world to me. and nothing will ever change that. i love you endlessly and i want you to know that i am always rooting for you. battle royale soon?

paddy: what’s up idiot! i know i promised you i wouldn’t retire but life works in crazy ways. it’s insane how much our friendship means to me. you’re always there when i need you (and when i don’t :eyeroll:) and you’re just an all around fun person to talk to. gonna miss being your mentor but i look forward to your progress in rpf and will be here to cheer you along the way. best of luck on your journey <33

my former mentees: i hope i was able to give you the mentorship you needed and thank you for all the valuable lessons i got from mentoring you. i miss you all and love you all so so much <3

if i missed anyone, i apologize. i truly wish i could write hundreds of words about each and every single person i have ever talked to in rpf. whether we talked when i joined or we talk after i retire, you have all contributed so much to the ongoing story that is my life whether you know it or not. thank you crazzy, cosmo, (perry), elex, f6, cheese, linky <3, pen bb, av, miss jae, prinki, yoda (Ok), sir z3 (certified cash money), egg bud, mars (pepe yk which one), yas, alienn (astronomy stan), bubbles, esk, guinz, anya, brat, coric, eggmerald, marie (ading <3), paddy (idiot), manxy, pinkpop, pedro (thank you for your kind words :heartforyou:), steax (thanks for the timeout <3), beetle, silve, val, zhark, woogy, lotte (duccy love u), owl (jp saxe but the correct spelling), rosie (meme war revival?), ford, the quackdets, tesa (eternal thanos penguin :tipscrown:), ash (my wife), miss nini, ramen sista mills, amoji, red loml, guava boy (long lost twin), dr queen <3 (:simpbell:), purple qt, simpette squad, the entire bia, all former rpf staff, all the divs i was advisor in (i love u), red, rocket (karaoke KING), pup baybee, walmart pizza, knorf chonken, vish (knee reveal oops!), and quite literally every single person i have ever spoken to. i cannot thank you enough for the support and the joy you have given me.

i am forever grateful for the love y’all have shown me in these last 16 months. if you told me i’d be crying over penguins, i would not believe you. but the people behind these penguins, i swear y’all are amazing and have made me a better person. it’s time for me to set sail for a new destination, but i won’t forget the guidance and lessons i have learned from each and every single one of you. ou te alofa tele ia te oe. <3

this is lanie signing off <3

there comes a day when you are going to look around and realize happiness is where you are. ~ moana.


there comes a day when you are going to look around and realize happiness is where you are.

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