The RNM Contest Team is back to conclude this week’s special scavenger hunt! During our transition to Club Penguin Chapter 2, a new CPPS, HCOM misplaced a few items around the island. Each day, there was a new puzzle or code to solve in order to unlock a riddle hinting towards an item in CPC2. Due to your superior sleuthing skills, we were able to recover the all missing items from around the island!

We had many teams and individuals working hard to find these items to make our transition smoother. The Contest Team thanks all 32 participants for their help with cracking the codes and solving the riddles! We can’t wait to see how the RPF will continue to grow and thrive in this new CPPS.

You can find the riddle answers at the bottom of this post!


Teams/Individuals Scoring Perfect:

Total Correct Riddle Submissions:

Every team will be awarded 200 Rebel Cash per correct answer!


Monday’s Clue

(answer: OATMEAL)

Monday’s Riddle

A tasty treat to satisfy your hunger, Suitable for all, the older and the younger, Savory and sweet, although a bit cheesy, Getting this delight, is easy and breezy (answer: pizza at the Pizza Parlor)

Tuesday’s Clue

The First OEach Leads TWhat You Seek”. (answer: TFOELTWYS)

Tuesday’s Riddle

Above piles of treasure, There lies a blue sign, The one for this venture, Leads towards a decline. (answer: sign in Forest pointing to Cove)

Wednesday’s Clue

(answer: sandwich)

Wednesday’s Riddle

This helps you take a step forward In a place where you can get a hair-do A sign that says closed you should head toward Look for something that comes in a pair of two! (answer: shoes in the Gift Shop)

Thursday’s Clue




(answer: UNLOCK)

Thursday’s Riddle

Mean and green, Although not four leaved, Made for sea, To guide ships in need (answer: buoy at the Beach)

Friday’s Clue

(answer: protecting)

Friday’s Riddle

As you continue onward, to conquer your quest A little birdie will alert you as it comes out of its nest. Have no fear, but you must hurry, Nothing good happens when the clock strikes midnight (answer: cuckoo clock in the Ski Lodge)

Saturday’s Clue

(answer: DIRECTOR)

Saturday’s Riddle

An upwards blue arrow, As you trail behind the ship. Dodging will be narrow, So try not to tip! (answer: wakeboard at the Dock)

Sunday’s Clue
Hey Caesar, three letters back. shuirupdqfh

(answer: performance)

Sunday’s Riddle

Provider of company, Where you read from a script, Sneaking around shyly, Until the lever is flipped. (answer: yellow puffle at the Stage)


Thank you all again for your perseverance and puzzle-solving skills! We hope you had fun working hard to crack the clues and locate the lost items. Stay tuned for future fun contests!

YipYorp | Lieutenant General

~RNM Contest Team~



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