RNM FAN-ART CONTEST – 01/18/2021

The RNM Contest Team is back with a fun and beloved contest, where you’re gonna have to get creative! Read on to find out more…

In this contest, we’re looking for the most creative RPF Animations, CPMVs, Comics, Pictures, Drawings or Posters you have to offer!

Your fan-art entries (be it still or moving) should be sent via DM (Direct Message) to one of the members of the RNM Contest Team! You can find a list of all the team members by typing .inrole Contests in #bots.

We will judge your entries based on the Originality and Creativity! Contest winners will have their artwork featured on our webpage, and will be awarded with Rebel Cash.

Contest Rules

Fan art includes any still or moving art i.e. pics, gifs, movies, comics, posters etc.

People are allowed to work in teams, with a maximum of three people per team for videos and a maximum of two people per team for all other fan-art.

Videos entries must be in full HD (1080p) or higher and must be free of watermarks.

Video entries must not be uploaded to any video sharing platform during the course of the contest.

The submission deadline is February 06th

As always, if you have any questions about the contest, please contact any member of the contest team! Good luck!

-RoyallySuperb, General



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