Hello Rebels!

I hope you are having an amazing day Rebels! Today the Contest Team has another contest for you to participate in! It is a summer-themed dress up. This new contest is perfect for everyone, as you don’t require any special knowledge or skills to be able to participate.

For those who don’t know what a dress-up contest is contestants get to dress up in the most original and creative way possible and try and earn the title ‘Fashionista’. But, only the top three positions will get a prize and only the person who places in first place will get their own special role.  

Now for the rules! The theme for this contest is SUMMER so show off those sweet summer outfits before it gets too cold to wear them. (although since CP is on an iceberg, it’s probably never warm there) To enter the contest you must send us a screenshot of your penguin’s profile. As always, the team will judge your entry on the three things we always look for originality, creativity and how well it matches the theme. Everybody is allowed one entry and it must be made on CPR and no other CPPS.

To submit your penguin, send a picture of your profile to any member of the Contest Team (they will have [DM CONTEST ENTRIES] in their name or you can also check for members of the contest team by using .inrole contests in #music-bot-spam).


As always if you have any questions about the contest, please contact any member of the contest team! We hope you all consider participating for a chance to win some prizes and perhaps even a special role! Enjoy dressing up and see you guys on the 6th, take care.


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