Following the incredible selection of stickers from the previous contest that we had the pleasure of seeing, the RNM Contest Team is back yet another time for a spicy, shiny new contest! What’s it about? Keep on reading below to find out!

The choice of words above is, in fact, not a coincidence, as it really is something new this time, a War Catchphrase Contest! The task that the Contest Team has come up with this time is to think of the best and most unique catchphrase, such as the legendary ”FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT”, but with a twist! All catchphrases must be themed around penguin war, particularly our current and future wars. Feel free to use <ARMY NAME> if you’d like to phrase it as a direct tactic.  To enter, simply send a Direct Message to a member of the Contest Team with your submission. To quickly find all members of the team, feel free to use the ”.inrole Contests” command in the #bots channel.
The winner will obtain a special role, and there will also be a Rebel Cash prize for the Top 3 winners! Additionally, the winning catchphrase may be used regularly during the war.

Contest Rules

No more than five entries are allowed per person.

– If the same phrase is submitted by two different people, the person who sent it first will get to keep their entry, while the other will be asked to change it.

All entries must remain appropriate and follow the usual RPF rules.


Be sure to ask anyone in the Contest Team about any concerns or inquiries you may have. Best of luck, everyone! Remember to have fun creating your dope catchphrases!

Cracked | Third in Command



War, war never changes.

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