RPF Discord Recruiting Guide

Discord Recruiting Guide

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already read the Club Penguin recruiting guide. If you haven’t, you can read that one here! In a time when recruiting on Club Penguin isn’t as efficient as it used to be, this guide will help you recruit people to the RPF through Discord. The purpose of this guide is to help you recruit people who are interested in Club Penguin and will attend our events and stick around in our community!

Getting Started

To prepare to recruit on Discord, there’s a couple things you’ll need:

1. An alternate account

It’s recomended that you make an alternate account for Discord recruiting, to avoid your main account from getting banned for advertising. You’ll need a second email and phone number to verify the account with Discord.

Keep in mind that you want to make this alt account feel as real as possible. For that reason, avoid names like “alt[username]”, and stick to something friendly. The same goes for the profile picture; choose something interesting and approachable!

2. Servers to recruit from

When selecting a server to recruit from, you want to keep your target audience in mind. The goal is to get recruits who will want to come to club penguin events, so someone who knows about and is interested in club penguin is much more likely to stay than someone who isn’t.

3. Mutual army servers

It’s important to be in other Club Penguin Army’s servers with your alt account, so when recruiting you can make sure not to recruit someone who’s already in an army. When choosing a recruit, you can check if they are in another army by selecting the “Mutual Servers” tab on their profile. If you see they’re in another army, then don’t recruit them!

Choosing a Server

Club Penguin-Related Servers

Club Penguin-related servers are ideal because you already know that your potential recruits are interested in Club Penguin, so they’re more likely to stick around. There are many types of Club Penguin servers you can recruit from: CP help servers, CPPS servers, emote servers, and other smaller club penguin communites. You can find servers like these to join by searching for “club penguin” on Disboard or Top.gg. You can also ask a staff member for their favourite recruiting servers!

It is important to NOT recruit from other army servers. This is considered troop stealing.

Non-Club Penguin-Related Servers

Servers that are not focused on Club Penguin will make it more difficult to find people who will join as well as stick around, but with the right strategy you can make it work.

If you choose to not recruit from servers dedicated to Club Penguin, you still want to keep your target audience in mind. This is why gaming servers are your best bet for finding people who know about Club Penguin and would be interested in playing it with a group.

Minecraft servers tend to be the best gaming servers to recruit from. Similarly to servers related to Club Penguin, you can search for “gaming” or “Minecraft” on Disboard or Top.gg, or ask a staff member for their favourite servers to recruit from!

Approaching Recruits

Now it’s time to approach recruits and convince them to join RPF. This section will go over how to connect with recruits and convince them to join RPF! Many Discords servers don’t allow DM advertising, so don’t try to recruit people with higher roles!

Selecting Recruits

Some servers will have a channel that everyone can see that shows each user that joins, or welcome messages in their main chat. Since these users just joined the server, there are a couple advantages.

Firstly, they probably haven’t been approached by an army recruiter before, they’re more likely to not already be in another army (check mutual servers!) and would be more likely to join since it might be something new to them! Secondly, since they just joined, they are less likely to report you for advertising, since they don’t know the server well.

It’s important to keep in mind however to not recruit people who would break RPF rules. For example, you should avoid recruiting people with innappropriate names or profile pictures. If you see someone acting rude or disrespectful, it’s best not to recruit them.

If you have Discord Nitro, you can also send some Club Penguin emotes from RPF in other servers, and talk about how great they are. People might join directly from the emote, and those who do are sure to be interested in Club Penguin!

First Message

When sending the first message, try to come off as human! Instead of starting by telling them about RPF and how awesome it is, instead just make conversation. If they realize that it’s just another advertisement, they will lose interest. You can start off the conversation with something simple, like “Hey, do you like club penguin?”.

Making Conversation

If your potential recruit is from a club penguin server, they’ll almost definitely say yes, and you can keep talking about club penguin. If they say no, or that they’ve never heard of it, which is more likely in non-Club Penguin-related servers, then you can just move on to other recruits; there’s no point in recruiting someone if they aren’t interested and won’t attend events!

When talking about Club Penguin, you can ask them if they tried a CPPS, if they played the original game, or if they did both! You can eventually bring up that you play CP in a group, and it’s a new but nostalgic experience for you!

Talking About RPF

Once you bring up playing club penguin in a group, you can show them an event pic to catch their interest even more; they can see what they’re missing out on! Make sure to choose an event pic with everyone doing tactics, so it looks as nice as possible! This is when you really have to convince them that they want to join RPF.

You can ask them if they want to join, but in a way that makes it seem like you’re doing them a favor by inviting them. You can say “If you want, I can send you an invite to the group!” or “Do you want to check it out yourself?”.

Non-Club Penguin-Related Servers

You may have difficulty finding more Club Penguin-related servers to recruit from, or have trouble recruiting from them. Instead, you can opt to recruit from servers that aren’t related to Club Penguin. However, it’s important to keep in mind your target audience; people who will want to participate in Club Penguin events! Remember, gaming servers, especially Minecraft servers, are most likely to have people who know about Club Penguin.

To find people who are familiar with club penguin, you can actually search back the words “Club Penguin” in the server you’re recruiting from! You’ll see all messages that mention club penguin, and you might find a few people talking about it! These people are best to DM first, as they are much more likely to be interested and to join our events!

Another trick you can try is to bring up Club Penguin in the main chat of the server you’re recruiting from. You can ask people what they think of the game, if they’ve tried a CPPS, and eventually send them a DM! From there you can follow the same process as in the “Making Conversation” and “Talking About RPF” sections above.

Sending the Invite

Once you’ve approached the recruit, connected with them, and asked them if they want to join RPF, it’s time to send them an invite link! You can create an invite link by clicking on the arrow next to the server name, and clicking “Invite People”!

Next, you can click the green “Invite” button next to their name! If they don’t show up on the list, you can just click the blue “Copy” button, and paste the link in your DMs with your recruit!

By default, the invite will last 7 days, but if you want to make the link permenent, you can click the blue “Edit invite link” at the bottom. Then from the “Expire After” dropdown, select “Never”.

Welcoming Recruits

Once your recruit joins RPF from your invite link, Rebel Bot will send a message in #main-chat letting you know they joined!

A staff member will talk to your recruit in the #welcome channel. Tell your recruit to say you sent them! Your recruit will then be asked their region and branch choice. Once your recruit’s roles are assigned, they’ll be welcomed to #main-chat, and now you can chat with them there!

Be sure to send a message to the staff member who welcomed your recruit to make sure they get logged on the seasonal recruiting log, so you can earn the seasonal roles! You can see the current seasonal roles by typing “.seasonal” in the #bots channel.

Retaining Recruits

Once recruits join RPF, it’s important to encourage them to stick around! It’s important to make recruits feel welcome in chat. You can talk with your recruit in #main-chat and ask them about their interests to engage them!

The main goal of recruiting is to get recruits to attend events. If your recruit doesn’t have a CP account, you can send them the link and guide them through creating an account! You can refer them to the #events channel for event information and times, but also guide them through the process. You can show them how and where to log on, what to wear, and how to follow tactics!

If it’s their first event, make sure they DM the HCOM specified in the #events channel for their promotion to Private! Even after their first event, retainment is still important. Be sure to engage with them in chat and tell them about upcoming events!


The key thing to remember about recruiting is that your main goal is to find new people who will attend events and stick around in the community. Be friendly and approachable, and make sure to continue putting in effort once your recruit is in the server, to make them feel welcome so they want to stick around. This guide will help you on your way to building the next generation of RPF.

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