The OFFICIAL RPF Recruiting Guide

Rebel Penguin Federation Recruiting Guide

When you first get into it, recruiting can seem intimidating.  Many people struggle with describing the good aspects of RPF to others in a way that would make them want to join our community.  As such, RPF HCOM has compiled a list of tips and tricks that might help you be a more effective recruiter. We also have a Discord recruiting guide, which you can read hereNo one way works for everyone, so feel free to experiment until you find the way that works best for you!

Tools You’ll Need

Recruiting on CP is viewed as a form of advertisement, which breaks Club Penguin rules.  This is due to the fact that CP cannot control what may be on the outside site.  As such, it is very important that you use:

  1. An alternate account (or a few!)
    Alternate accounts are easy enough to make on Club Penguin Private Server’s Create a Penguin page. If you use one while recruiting, on the off chance you are caught by a CP moderator and banned, your main account will remain unbanned.
  2. A Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    In extreme cases, CP moderators ban the IPs of players who recruit. An IP address is your unique identifier used for accessing the internet from your computer’s connection.  If you are IP banned, you will no longer be able to play CP with that IP address on any account. Connecting to a VPN (free ones include or ProtonVPN) hides that identifier from the site, and prevents them from banning your true IP.
  3. The CPPS Discord
    If you are in the Club Penguin Private Server’s official Discord, you may be able to find out when “snitches” who report people for recruiting have found you.  If this happens, switch rooms or servers immediately.  You can also see when CP moderators may be online.

Choosing a Location

A crucial part of a good recruiting session is finding a good spot. You’ll need somewhere with enough people to attract attention, but not enough for a moderator’s attention. This holds for both servers and rooms: servers where a mascot is online, the Town, and the Coin Mine tend to be scary locations. Recommended rooms:

  • Plaza
  • Outside Mine
  • Ice Rink/Stadium
  • Cove
  • Ski Village
  • Beach/Lighthouse
  • Popular Party Rooms

If nothing ideal is available, you may find yourself getting desperate. If you’re choosing between one- and five-bar servers, take measures accordingly. On a five-bar, it becomes essential to watch the CPPS Discord and avoid the Town and Coin Mine. On a one-bar, you can take some more liberties as it is less likely a mod will track you down, but caution is still important.

Choosing a Recruit

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking at a potential recruit.

  1. Make sure they aren’t busy
    People who are busy roleplaying or talking to friends are less likely to join RPF, as they’ll likely prefer continuing their current activity over taking the time to Google something.
  2. Make sure their name is appropriate
    CP’s name filtration system isn’t always the best.  People with names obviously meant to evade the filter won’t make good recruits. On the other hand, P[numbers] usernames could signify names that were caught by the filter or just a new player. Take a chance with them: the greater the number, the newer they are.
  3. Ensure they aren’t going to break rules
    Typically, this goes hand in hand with #2.  However, if someone with a normal name ends up being argumentative and insulting towards other players, it’s safe to bet that you shouldn’t recruit them.

Approaching a Recruit

As tempting as it might be to set up an autotyper to blurt out the Discord code for you, this is one of the worst methods to approach people. One of the biggest complaints about armies is how they seem like robots. As such, it’s very important to be human with your recruit.

  1. Make friends
    This is one of the best ways to ensure someone wants to join RPF, though it can be time-consuming.  The people on Club Penguin are often there to just play and make new friends.  Giving them that space and then offering a chat with a bunch of other potential friends can prove very effective. However, if they can’t use Discord or don’t like the prospect of joining for whatever reason, you’ll have wasted a lot of time.
  2. Wear an interesting outfit
    In a group of 2-4 people, this can be the most efficient recruiting strategy. Asking people if they want to join your costume group while you have an army of people wearing cool outfits with special dances tends to be fairly effective. This includes items like the “I Heart Pizza” shirt or Rubber Duck.
  3. Gather people in one area
     Sending out EPF invites to people throughout the island will eventually bring several down to the EPF headquarters.  If a group of you are gathered around the table in the HQ, you can recruit the newcomers from there.  This can also work by inviting people to an igloo event, a sled race, or any other group activity.
  4. Shoot your shot
    Sometimes, just walking up to someone is the best way to go about it.

Getting a Recruit to Join

Once you’ve opened the door to a recruit, it’s important that you direct them to the site in a clear and concise manner. Whatever you do, don’t immediately say the Discord invite code on CP.

  1. Choose a good opener
    The old reliable option is “Hey, [Penguin Name]!” and waiting for a response. But that doesn’t mean that’s the only way. Some people jump in with “Wanna join a cool group?”; others compliment their outfit or their username. Be personable; show your personality in it!
  2. Talk about things they’re interested in
    Before they make their final decision, make sure to pique their interest. If a party is nearby, tell them we have guides for those. If a mascot is coming, tell them we track those. If you helped them get a stamp or two, tell them we can help with even more. If they’re bored, we have a whole community, and it’s the largest on CP!
  3. Get them to the site/Discord, while knowing what’s filtered
    There are several ways to do this, but the goal is to direct them in a way that ends up with the first link on Google being ours. Once your recruit finds the site, make sure they’re in the right place (i.e., “Do you see penguins at the top?”)
    Note that telling them can be difficult – direct methods are more than often filtered (see the list below). Ask any of our staff members (those with the HCOM or Officer role) for the most up-to-date methods! 
  4. Stay patient & polite
    People are gonna say no. It’s part of the job. When they do, though: acknowledge it, don’t be passive-aggressive or angry with them, and move on.  It can be frustrating if no one is joining, but don’t let that impact how you interact with potential recruits. Otherwise, you’re sure to continue being fruitless.

Blocked Words:

  • rebel penguin federation, RPF
  • discord
  • Google, search, look up, etc.
  • army, community, etc.
  • join us

Welcoming a Recruit

Once a member gets to the RPF server and is set up with roles by staff, your job isn’t done! Retaining your recruit is just as important, as if no one sticks around, we can’t grow.

  1. Show them around
    Make sure the person gets welcomed! If they’re left in DMs or a separate channel, they may never truly join the rest of the group.  The Discord may also be overwhelming in its number of channels, so show your recruit the most relevant of them (see below for examples).  Be available to DM them if they need help, as well.
  2. Include them in the conversation
    If your recruit is just dropped into the tsunami that is #main-chat, they’ll probably get overwhelmed and leave. One of the biggest pluses about RPF is the community, but one of the cons is its immense size. Help them latch on to a conversation or a few people until they’re used to it!
  3. Don’t sacrifice your own comfort
    If a recruit latches onto you in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s perfectly fine to disengage or block them.  You’re not obligated to voice chat or video chat with an especially clingy recruit.  Your autonomy is still your own!

Example Introduction to the Discord Server (by F6sixer):
@Person, your roles are all set. Be sure to read the #rules. Welcome to the RPF. Have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to ask We have guides in #cp-news We also have a #mascot-tracker and a #pin-tracker. We have daily events (see #events for details).

Example Introduction to the Discord Server (by Redweeb):
Alright @Person, your roles have been set! Make sure to check out #rules before you hop into #main-chat. Feel free to look around for all our CP goodies and don’t be afraid to ask any questions. Welcome to RPF!

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Feel free to have a notepad file containing your recruiting lines, so that you can use them on the fly.
  • If you see a person asking for the location of an item be sure to help them. Once they’ve found it, you can inform them of our guides and trackers.
  • Recruiting a group can be kinda confusing because you may get easily distracted, so try your best to focus on one recruit only before moving on to another
  • Just go with the flow
  • Have your recruit let you know when they’ve completed each step of the process and make sure to reassure them along the way.  If they’re not sure they found the right page they might not tell you at all.
  • When you’re recruiting, try to go for just thirty minutes.  If you’re not having success or if it’s proving too difficult, log off for the time being and come back later or the next day.  It’s important you don’t get burnt out while recruiting.
  • CP mods are tricky.  Not only can they apparently turn their penguins invisible and catch you recruiting, but they can see chat logs, and snitches will ping them to ban you.  If you see one, run.
  • The entirety of recruiting is a balance between not pissing CP off so they kick us off of their game and taking their members for our group.  This is why recruiting conditions change so frequently.  If you’re placed in a position for whatever reason where you may piss off CP by recruiting, don’t.
  • When talking to a recruit, make sure to mention that we are the biggest CP community.
  • The best times to recruit are immediately after events, during parties, and when there are new pins. Sitting around the island waiting for people who need help can be time-consuming but worth it. Spending time helping them out is a good way to build connections and transition into talking about our amazing guides.
  • It helps to ask if they played the original Club Penguin. This is another transition into how RPF is a group full of people who used to play it too (mentioning we’re a 12-year-old group also gets people interested).
  • Recruit with someone you can really work with. It makes the recruitment time worth it when you’re having fun with a friend in the process.
  • Don’t beat yourself up for not being able to recruit anybody! Sometimes it’s like a stroke of luck to find the right people, so don’t ever let that bring you down. Take a break and try again later.
    Amount of recruits ≠ your worth
  • Offer to fight (ง’̀’-‘́)ง
  • Make sure you’re constantly talking to people and scanning for possible recruits.  That way, if one potential recruit falls through, you don’t get discouraged and can bounce to someone else.
  • Have fun goofing off, feel free to get sidetracked while recruiting and just have fun on Club Penguin.  Recruiting in groups is good for attracting people, but it’s also just more fun to be able to hang out with friends while you recruit.

That’s it! You should now be equipped to invite more people into the Rebel Penguin Federation. Hopefully, this guide makes your job a little bit easier; remember, if you have further questions, feel free to contact a staff member. Thank you for the hard work and effort you put into recruiting!

Rebel Penguin Federation HCOM

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