Rebel Penguin Federation Summer Olympics 2019

The long-awaited Summer Olympics are finally here! You’ve all waited so patiently and we are pleased to announce that this years Olympics will open on Monday 22nd of July 2019.

For those of you who don’t know what the Olympics are: every troop is randomly separated into four teams. These four teams compete in various mini-games throughout the upcoming week such as; Sled Racing, Card Jitsu, Find Four, etc. There are points for first, second and third place. If you win you earn points for your team and help your team win the Olympics! The statistics are updated on the scoreboard so be sure to check that out to keep an eye out on who is winning.

We host our Olympics on Penguin Oasis as it allows us to use a variety of costumes. Make sure to create an account if you don’t already have one as during the Olympics all events will be held on Penguin Oasis and not Club Penguin Rewritten.

This year we decided to do things slightly differently and chose a theme for our Olympics. This year, due to the newest addition to the series recently coming out, the theme of our Olympics is Toy Story! Behind the scenes HCom have been working very hard to put together these teams and costumes, so we really hope you love them.
The 2019 RPF Summer Olympics Teams are as follows:


Team Captain: Klein


Team Captain: Queenieliz


Team Co-Captains: Alex and Pookie


Team Captain: Ultipenguinj

Click here to find out what team you are on!
Once you know which team you’re on, press here to find your uniform.

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