The Rebel Penguin Federation

I apologize for the somewhat sloppy writing style. I was originally just gonna post this in announcements, but I broke the 2,000 character limit, so I decided a post would be better suited.

I’ve seen a lot of comments regarding the name of the Rebel Federation and whether we should add the “P” back to the name, so I’d like to address those comments.

(Spoiler: We’re not going to.)

In 2007, when Commando created this army, he called it “the Rebel Penguin Federation”. The emphasis in the name was never on the Penguin, it was on the Federation, and the history of the army to come emphasizes that. The definition of a federation is “an organization or group within which smaller divisions have some degree of internal autonomy”, or “the action of forming states or organizations into a single group with centralized control”. A multi-gaming organization would create a better picture of a federation than a group that operated solely on Club Penguin, so it is my belief that Commando had intended straight from the beginning to turn the RPF into what it strives to be today, that being a multi-gaming organization. If not, he certainly capitalized on the idea later on.

In 2008 he created the Commando Corps, a special forces division within the Rebel Penguin Federation that existed to seek out other video games and analyze their potential for future platforms to hold the RPF. In 2009/2010 (I don’t remember which year exactly, forgive me), the RSF, or Rebel Soldier Federation, was existed with the same goal in mind. The army saw dramatically decreased activity in 2011, and temporarily shut down in the summer of 2012.

In 2013 when the army was revived, Commando created a Minecraft server for the RPF with the same goal of seeking future games to host the RPF. The army saw decreased activity in 2014, and in 2015 and 2016 Commando focused his attention inwards on Club Penguin, working on an interactive map of Club Penguin servers and creating a coalition of army leaders to make the politics simulator that was Club Penguin armies at the time “come to life”. Not moving off of Club Penguin, but in a sense moving beyond it.

Then in 2017, we moved to Discord. When Commando saw Discord he realized that a more advanced chat platform like this gave the army the potential to actually move off of Club Penguin, to bring his dream of RPF eventually dominating not just Club Penguin but *all video games* to life. Commando, ATM23, Alex N, and I worked on what we called the Rebel Federation, but when we brought our idea to the RPF leaders at the time, they shot it down.

Then later into 2018, Operation: Exodus happened, and it was a success. RPF dropped the P from their name, and demonstrated that they could in fact survive on other games. However, only barely so. We decided, in the end, to move back to Club Penguin, deeming that we were not ready to make a transition like this. However, that doesn’t mean that we’ve scrapped the idea. We’ve only moved it back into the filing cabinet.

This army was created with the intent to be more than just a Club Penguin army. I hope to see it become more than that one day. But I don’t think we’re ready for that. I think it’s more important for us, at this time, to prioritize organizing the army while it’s operating on Club Penguin, a game that the troops and the leaders alike are familiar with. Then, when we’ve reached this level of organization, we can discuss moving onto other games.

I have no plans for us to drop Club Penguin/CPPSes completely. I think they’re an extremely important part of what makes this army the Rebel Federation. The Rebel Penguin Federation is not dead. It evolved. It’s given itself the potential to become bigger than what it used to be.

I hope all of you can come to accept this explanation and see the end goal here: not to sit idly on Club Penguin, not to run away from Club Penguin, but to become bigger than just Club Penguin. We were designed to grow up at some point in time, and putting the Penguin back in the Rebel Federation serves no purpose whatsoever aside from nostalgia.

We are not a group of penguins. We never were. We are a Federation. We have two goals that we strongly emphasize, and in removing the “P” we plan to accomplish them.

The first is to break past the limit. And the second, of course…

…to fight the good fight.


Rebel Commander


You know who I am.


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