Server Icon Contest [RESULTS]

Waddup Rebels

It’s me Mishka, back at it again with another contest organized by yours truly along with my awesome colleagues the contest team! (Pika, Wix, Puffl, Weeb and Alex) Our latest contest was a server icon contest with a sp00ky theme perfect for sp00ktober and Halloween. 

The requirements were pretty simple:
You had one week to submit your entry, after one week passed, entries were closed and the contest team begin voting. The theme for this contest was Halloween and the winner gets their picture as the server icon! 

The team has voted and the results are as follows:

In first place, winning 4000 rebel cash, the artist role, and their submission as the new server icon is…


In second place, winning 2000 rebel cash is…


In third place, winning 1000 rebel cash is…


Congratulations to everyone who won!
Thank you to everyone who entered the contest!

I shall see you next time when we return with another contest.


  1. I like Cosmo’s the most

  2. Congrats to everyone!

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