Strike Force Briefings: 1st Week of December

Hello Rebels!

Allow me to give you a brief update on what the Rebel Penguin Federation has been doing in the Club Penguin Armies (CPA) league recently in this Strike Force Briefing.  This edition especially contains information about the November 2 Remember tournament held by Club Penguin Armies News Network (CPANN).  Read on for more information.

As you may know, the Rebel Penguin Federation Strike Force (RPFSF) is the RPF special forces division available to those of the rank Specialist and above.  Some information is classified for now, though more will be divulged over time.  Information now available to the general public is as follows:

The Club Penguin Armies News Network hosted its first ever tournament, the November 2 Remember tournament, last month.  Here’s how the Strike Force’s match ups turned out.

Our first match was against the Poké Warriors Army, a relatively new army to the CPA scene.  This first round battle ended with an RPF victory, and we advanced to the semis with a warm congratulations from PWA leader Miguel.

Much like the Summer Circuit tournament, in our semifinals match, we ended up facing our first allies, the Lime Green Army.  This time, we had a bit of fun, coming to battle in a different shade of green to support our allies.  At the end, we were lucky enough to move on to finals.

Our finals match was against the other army of the New Dawn Alliance, the recently revived Army of Club Penguin, led by former Strike Force member Koloway.  The camaraderie between the two armies was evident, as in the final room, the armies went from battling to reciting inside jokes and parts of the Club Penguin Armies: The Game login page as tactics.

After the hard fought battle, the Rebel Penguin Federation Strike Force emerged victorious with its second consecutive tournament win!  In addition, all three of the New Dawn Alliance armies made an appearance on the podium.  To view the full bracket, click here.  Congratulations to all of those who participated in the tournament, especially the members of our Strike Force!

That’s all for this Strike Force Briefing.  Stay tuned to the site for further information regarding our activity in Club Penguin Armies.  If you are of rank Specialist or above and wish to enlist in the Strike Force for invasions, defenses, and tournament battles, please message me on Discord.

Rebel Commander Ultipenguinj

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