Troop Interviews – Link3000, YipYorp, Jess zr

Troop Interviews

This week marks the fifty-second official edition of “Troop Interviews”, where a team of interviewers (currently Cosmo, Royal and Reee) ask two or more people questions. Interviews won’t have same questions; each interview’s purpose is to show originality and have its unique highlights. Along with that, the questions asked to give us a better understanding of each soldier and how different or similar everyone is in the community. There’s an exponential amount of soldiers here in the Rebel Penguin Federation, so it will be difficult to get to everyone who requests an interview. The Rebel Broadcast Team graciously appreciates the patience you all have and hope to see you guys in a post one day!

The three interviewees for this week are Link3000 & YipYorp, Jess zr!

Link3000 & YipYorp

Hey all! It’s me Cosmo, and I’ll be your host today!! In this edition, Royal did a joint interview with Link3000 and YipYorp! Our newest staff members in the Rebellion. Kickstarting our newest edition, let’s just jump right in!

How does it feel to be an Officer?

Royal asked our new Officers about how they felt becoming an Officer.
Link replied by saying that it doesn’t feel much different from being a cadet other than the new responsibility of moderation chat and adding new roles to members is pretty cool, but so far it’s been a blast for her!
Yip told us that it feels weird to think that she finally made it! After being a cadet for quite some time, it’s still quite a surprise to her, that she’s a green mod now! Yip also thinks that the role colour is pretty cute!

What do you look forward to as RPF staff members?

The next question that Royal asked these guys was what they’re looking forward to do, now that they’re staff members.
Yip said that she’s really looking forward to joining a team, she’d love to contribute more to RPF through fun projects for troops to enjoy! and that she can mute people now
Link told us that she’s looking forward to the comradery and helping troops! She’s also excited to join one of our staff teams because they seem extremely fun and that she’d love to see how other parts of RPF work!

Do Link and Yip plan on getting HCOM one day?

In Royal’s next question she asked these two if they ever planned on getting HCOM status one day, to which Yip replied by telling us that she’s not sure, she just wants to help others and have fun without a set end goal in mind. She has other commitments as well such as her Music Division and in real life stuff, but no one knows where she’ll be in a few months from now, but she’s not opposed to the idea!
Link told us that it had crossed her mind, but she’s still pretty new to RPF, been here only four months, she originally didn’t plan on getting staff at all because of her in real life, so she’s not quite sure at the moment. If Link is ever deemed fit for HCOM it’d be pretty amazing according to her, but for the time being, she’s taking one step at a time, enjoying officer life and seeing how goes for her, because in real life can be wild at times, not knowing what would happen!

Fun facts about Yip and Link?

Royal asked for some fun facts about our newest staff members, to which Yip responded by telling us that she’s obsessed with music! She’s mainly a drummer, a guitarist, and a singer! Talk about talented!! Her favourite genres are match rock and midwest emo. She also really likes rollercoasters, she knows a lot of stuff about rides and theme park history! Her dream job is to be a rollercoaster/theme park designer! You’ve got it all figured out Yip!
Link told us that she loves music ((if it weren’t obvious)), she plays piano, guitar and flute. WOAH, we many talented musicians in RPF, it’s crazy! Link has 3 dogs and she likes them more than some people, (100% agreed here) and she also loves geography. She’s in her fifth year of veterinary school at the moment! She also tells us that yip is a frog irl(!!!!!!!????!!!!!!!) Sounds like an RPF conspiracy…

What’s Yip and Link’s favourite RPF, CPR and OG Club Penguin memory?

Royal asked these two what their favourite memories were in terms of RPF and CP/og CP
Link tells us that her favourite memory within the RPF is either the winter Olympics or spirit week! Olympics got her not being scared of main chat and spirit week was the best Disney day LOL. For CPR she has to say that the medieval party was pretty sick in her opinion, the dragon quests and igloos, costumes and rooms were all amazing! For og CP, she was quite young so it’s a bit hazy, but completing PSA missions was amazing and when PSA went pop and EPF became a thing, her 10-year-old self was SHOOK!
Yip told us that her og CP memory was playing the PSA missions with her brother, and getting nightmares from the secret of the fur! She was already quite addicted to CPR before joining RPF, she’d say that having a group therapy sessions in random igloos was fun!! For RPF, the gala back in spring was fun, she thinks that was the time she truly started to make close friends and that her proposal was very good as well!!

Before Royal concluded her interview she asked if Yip and Lanie had anything to add, to which they did, americanfootballmoment happened. Link said that Royal is a great interviewer, yes. Yes, she is. AND THAT AMERICANFOOTBALL IS A BAND NOT A SPORT! Yip thanks royal for the interview! And tells her that the questions were fun!

Anyways… moving on…

Jess zr

Now it’s time for our newest troop of the week to get the spotlight they deserve! Which was conducted by yours truly, so let’s just get started!

The excitement!

How does Jess feel to have become Troop of the Week?

My first question to Jess was asking her about how she felt upon getting troop of the week. She said that it feels a bit weird at the beginning, she didn’t expect to get it, she was shocked at first, everyone was pinging her and congratulating her! She didn’t know what to do, she just looked at the post and she was like very surprised to see that she was the TOTW, she didn’t know how to feel about it at, ’cause she’s really new here!

Did someone recruit Jess into RPF

I asked Jess that if somebody had recruited her into RPF, she told us that she didn’t get here herself, she can’t even get to her room sometimes!! She was recruited by MissyZ and compliments her recruiting by saying she’s on fire!!! She was scared though, she didn’t trust people online and Missy was calling her Jess as if she’d known her for years!!! She digitally waddled away the first time! I totally agree on that online security you have Jess, great work

What advice would Jess give to other Troops who aspire to be TOTW?

I asked Jess that what advice she would give to troops who would wanna be TOTW in the future, to which she told me that this is the answer she to Patrick (Patrick stop stealing my jam wtf) She thinks that TOTW is just a title, an honour, but not only one person deserves it, She thinks everyone can get it, she was lucky enough to get it on her first month, if you wanna be liked by the rest of the community you just gotta be yourself! It wouldn’t be fun if you become the person that other people want you to be, if people are gonna like you, it might as well be for being you, and it’s okay! Not everyone is gonna like you, and it’s okay if you mess up! Who doesn’t? You’re gonna learn from it, aren’t you? And that’s the point according to Jess, she doesn’t know why she got it, but she might as well enjoy it, Jess adds to it and says, if you want to be TOTW, you should just enjoy RPF for what it is, and be yourself, because that’s the most important part! Such a lovely message by Jess!!

What is Jess’ favourite part about being Troop of the Week?

In my next question, I asked Jess what her favourite part about being TOTW is! She told me that she likes the part where everyone says Hi to her in chat! Before she got TOTW, she was scared to enter the main chat, and that no one would answer her, she can enter main chat now and at least for a while she can talk, and have fun in the chat!! Jess also mentions that she’s very positive!!

Which type of events does Jess like the best?

In my last question, I asked Jess about her favourite kind of events, she told me she likes stamp events, or dress up events, they’re fun to attend, she also like branch battles, because they have cool comebacks! And they’re pretty funny so it’s fun! Which I do agree, they’re very fun, I mean as long as Navy wins…

Before finishing off my interview, I thanked Jess for her time and attending this interview, and asked if she had something to add! She said to stay awesome and take a bath! Which I agree with, take a bath!!! And remember that Jess is da best!!!!

Anyways… Oh we’re done

Thank you all for reading this interview! Until next time…

If you have any questions or would like to be interviewed by the interviewing team, DM one of these members: Cosmo, Royal.

~ Cosmo, RPF Rebel Commander


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