Troop Interviews – Ferdthebird1, rosiee, Yvng Baller

Troop Interviews

This week marks the fifty-second official edition of “Troop Interviews”, where a team of interviewers (currently Rane, Cosmo, and Royal) ask two or more people questions. Interviews won’t have same questions; each interview’s purpose is to show originality and have its unique highlights. Along with that, the questions asked to give us a better understanding of each soldier and how different or similar everyone is in the community. There’s an exponential amount of soldiers here in the Rebel Penguin Federation, so it will be difficult to get to everyone who requests an interview. The Rebel Broadcast Team graciously appreciates the patience you all have and hope to see you guys in a post one day!

The three interviewees for this week are Ferdthebird1, rosiee & Yvng Baller!


Welcome back to another week of Troop Interviews! It’s Rane here, ready to rain some new interviews on you guys! Haha, get it? Rane? Rain? Haha, I’m so funny. Anyways, starting off our segment today is Ferd’s interview with me! Let’s jump in and see what he has to say.

The excitement!

How did Ferd find RPF and why did he stay?

My first question to Ferd was about how he stumbled across RPF and what made him stay here. He responds to it by telling us that it’s a unique experience, he had heard about RPF in 2017 and he first saw our events on CPO in 2018 (crying) and according to Ferd he was very impressed, it was like magic, seeing around 25 penguins say the exact same thing ((OATMEALx6)). Ferd mentions that the RPF community and the love he got from us knowing that it’s genuine and everyone is very dedicated to their jobs made Ferd stay and that he’ll never want to give this up!

What is Ferd’s history with RPF?

Next question that I asked Ferd was his history with RPF. Ferd replies by saying that it’s amazing! He says that at first, he didn’t really understand the promotion system and that he was telling us his Discord tag as his rank for some time! Ferd mentions that unfortunately, he was not able to keep up with the events and he left the CPPS community for two years after he came back the first thing he searched for after CPO and CPR was RPF. and RPF as it was, was going strong! Ferd says that his other history with RPF began with the Legends Cup in June and that it was the best tournament he ever attended! Ferd says that slowly he started to understand everything and knew the drill that is to attend events, be active in chat, be nice to everyone and of course, naturally, get a promotion! Ferd says that he hasn’t lost any battles while being in RPF so that speaks about RPF’s legacy itself.

How did Ferd come up with his username?

How did Ferd create his username? That was my next question to Ferd. Rane guesses that it’s just that Ferd’s likes birds, but he says that there’s more to it! Ferd tells us that a lot of people think that he likes birds, or people just call him Fred. The reason he chose Ferdthebird is because of a tribute to a CP youtuber. Ferd says that he loved his videos but the youtuber had left CP in 2015. So Ferd picked up the name as a tribute to the Youtuber. The “1” in his name is there to avoid confusion and the first place he used the name was in! Later Ferd says he realised that “Ferd” can actually be a bird’s name and that people might think it’s a dumb name! Well I think it’s a lovely name!

Is Ferdthebird a bird?

Ferdthebird?? Is not a bird??? Sadly Ferd doesn’t;t have a pet named Ferd AND he’s also not a bird =[

What are some fun facts about Ferd?

Here Ferd tells us some fun facts about himself! His favourite word is “Awesome”. He loves custom Club Penguin artwork/designs. He’s 5’8, and it was also going to be his birthday when he was interviewed! He loves cats. He loves playing monopoly (same). He also doesn’t like Club Penguin Island like the rest of us!!! His favourite number is 7. He lives pizza with cream but no pineapple over his pizza though!! He’s fascinated by aliens!

Before concluding the interview, Ferd had a few words to share with us, and he says “Never doubt yourself or let others change who you are, you are unique – you are beautiful and you know it” He finishes it off with a good ol’ Fight the good fight chant!

And that’s it from Ferd!

Anyways… moving on…


Next up! We got Cosmo interviewing Rosie! Our newest Officer!!!! Let’s just jump right into it!


How is Rosie?

Ah yes, Cosmo’s classic question. How is Rosie? Rosie says that she’s ok! She just watched wreck it ralph and that its a very good movie!! Recommended 11/10 by Rosie herself!

How does Rosie feel becoming an Officer?

Cosmo’s next question to Rosie was how she felt becoming an Officer. She tells us that it’s a weird feeling, it’s a lot different from being a cadet, but it’s also super fun, and Rosie also recommends to be an Officer 11/10! Which I agree being an officer is the best! Probably the best time of my RPF career!

Why does Rosie think she earned Officer?

Cosmo asked Rosie why does she think she earned Officer? She replies by saying it was from attending events, being active in main, and being there to help troops out! She adds to it by saying, part of being staff is having the ability to help people when needed and she thinks that she demonstrated it well, which helped her get promoted!

What is Rosie looking forward to becoming RPF staff?

Rosie was asked about what she’s looking forward to being in RPF staff. She tells us that she’s looking forward to help make the RPF a better place than it is! She knows that staff has a big role in behind the scenes play of the Rebellion and that she’s looking forward to helping out as much as she can in making RPF awesome as possible for troops!

Does Rosie hope to be HCOM someday?

Cosmo asked Rosie if she hopes to be a part of the HCOM someday. Rosie says that becoming HCOM would be great! Although she doesn’t think that she’d be cut out for positions like Rebel Commander. She thinks that after she makes her way through the Officer ranks, she’ll have learned a lot and she thinks that she could take on the position of a Third in command or even a Second in command! She has got it all figured out lads

How does Rosie feel heaving new server permissions as a moderator?

Best question time! Rosie was asked about how she feels having new server permissions in the RPF server as a new moderator. She says it’s a bit stressful, whenever she’s adding roles to someone she’s just always worried that she’d give them the wrong role or that she accidentally might delete a wrong message. Rosie says that she just gotta be careful with what she’s doing because screwing up won’t be too pog!! While Cosmo says he understands as he has added the Rebel Commander to at least three of his recruits! In response, Rosie had no words. Don’t we all!

Well… Before finishing off Cosmo asked if Rosie would like to say some last words. she says her last words are “nitwit, blubber, oddement, tweak HAPPY HARRY POTTER WEEK EVERYONE” She also apologises if this interview was cringey (no it was very pog) huge thanks to Rosie for being up for an interview <3. She says HAVE A GOOD DAY AND REMEMBER TO FTGF!!


Yvng Baller

Next up, we got the most MVP Troop! The TOTW! Yvng Baller!

Let’s get it.

How did Yvng feel about earning Troop of the Week?

Royal’s first question to Yvng was how he felt getting Troop of the week and did he expect it? Yvng tells us that he was severely confused when he got it, he wasn’t home or online at that time, so he randomly went and checked his phone and his notifications were filled with Discord pings! He checked and saw that everyone was congratulating him and saying to “look at your name” ’cause it’s pink. He had no idea what was happening, but overall he feels amazing to know that he made such an impact on RPF and to achieve this honour of getting TOTW that many before him have done.

What does Yvng look forward to being Troop of the Week?

Royal asked Yvng what he’s looking forward to being Troop of the week. Yvng tells us that he looks forward to having that sweet sweet pink name in chat as it is something he has to get used to for the week. He’s also looking forward to helping the people around the server and welcoming any new people that pop up in the server, just being a friendly face to others in the RPF community!

What’s Yvng’s advice for earning Troop of the Week?

Royal asked that if Yvng had any advice on how to earn Troop of the week. He tells us that attend as many events as you can and to be a friendly face in the community, help others around who look like they need help and to welcome new recruits as part of the RPF family! He also says to not just make TOTW your only goal and to just get that pink colour name, just be yourself and friendly yo everyone and your time will come eventually! You can’t rush greatness!

If Yvng could host his own event, how would he create it?

Next up, Royal asked Yvng if he could lead his own event, how would he do it. Yvng tells us that there are many different events there could be. He’s into all types of music especially rap so it would definitely have to be a rap/hip-hop themed. Where the uniform would be hip-hop related to music-related tactics! Which I do approve if you ever wanna submit that idea for one of our contests, they do event idea contests frequently!

What goals/ranks does Yvng hope to achieve in RPF?

Royal’s last question to Yvng was what goals he has to achieve in RPF. Yvng replies by saying he’s chilling at colonel for a bit, and eventually he’d like to become a mod one day. But overall he just wants to create a positive impact on RPF and make it the best community it could ever be!

To wrap up this interview, Royal asked Yvng if he had any last words to share. Yvng thanks Royal for the interview as it was really fun to do! And that all he can say is thank you to everyone for making RPF such an amazing part of Yvng’s life and like another family to him. And of course, remember to Fight The Good Fight!


Wait, that’s it.

If you have any questions or would like to be interviewed by the interviewing team, DM one of these members: Rane, Cosmo, Royal.

~Raneaosama, RBT Interview Supervisor

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