Halloweek – Mystery Day 3


Following the tragic deaths of beloved HCOM members, Cosmo and Elex, the group heads to the Book Room to discuss. Seeking consolation and support from each other, they crowd on the Book Room couches together, clearly distressed and desperate to uncover what caused such unfortunate events to take place. With every member in panic, all conversations led to a dead end with no progress in deliberation whatsoever.

In an attempt to provide some relief, Brenatto headed down to the Coffee Shop seeking comfort food for the group. Noting the eerie absence of a barista, they made their way behind the counter and began to work with what was available. Brenatto was very pleased with what they were able to put together on their own. Just moments before they made it back upstairs to the Book Room, they remembered that they forgot to pay! Silly Bren. They set the goods on the counter and quickly dug through their wallet for some change. Plop! Ping! went the several coins as they spilled out of the wallet, hitting the ground. Throwing their flippers in the air, frustrated, they kneeled down frantically beginning to clean up their mess.

Within a moment that felt like a blink of an eye, a massive pile of java beans bags had fallen from their place on the Coffee Shop counter and directly on to Bren. When discovered by fellow HCOM, it was too late. Bren is dead.


Party Planning Committee Department of Health

CPArmies – Tuxedo

Victim: Brenatto [also formally known as androidsong], Second in Command

Location: Coffee Shop floor, Tuxedo

Time of Death: 8:50pm UTC

Cause of Death: Crushed by Java Bean bags

Injuries: Severe bruising and undefined internal injuries

Evidence: Java Bean bags – discovered to be missing inventory from the storage closet

Witnesses: N/A – Potential HCOM witnesses were in the Book Room at the time of the murder

As Bren drew their final breaths, they wrote, with their flipper, in the spilled coffee bean dust from the bags, the word “BOLD.” Could Bren have known something about how to find information on the killers? And how can we open Bren’s Recruiting Log, which was found at the scene?

So you think you know who the killers are?

Be sure to direct message a member of the Party Planning Committee at the end of the week for a chance to win 1000 Rebel Cash for guessing correctly. You can find a list of all of the Party Planning Committee members by typing .inrole Party Planning Committee in #bots-and-potions.

– panini, Head Detective of the PPC Crime Unit

– amoji, Head Crime Scene Photographer of the PPC Crime Unit

Shoutout to Koloway for putting together the awesome title gfx and Amoji for the HCOM death gfx!

~Party Planning Committee~


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