TROOP INTERVIEWS – Tuz, Jacquardio, Cadets

Troop Interviews

This week marks the sixty-eighth official edition of “Troop Interviews”, where our interviewers (currently Brenatto, Yvng, Mars, and Cracked) asks questions to RPF troops. Interviews won’t have same questions; each interview’s purpose is to show originality. Along with that, the questions help us understand each soldier as well as our differences and similarities. There’s an exponential amount of soldiers here in the Rebel Penguin Federation, so it will be difficult to get to everyone who requests an interview. The Rebel Broadcast Team graciously appreciates the patience you all have and hopes to see you guys in a post one day!

The three interviewees for this week are Tuz, Jacquardio, and the Officer Cadets!


Hey all! It’s me, Brenatto, and I’m coming at you to host another edition of Troop Interviews! Today’s post is jam-packed, so let’s get going. First things first, we have Tuz, a recent Troop of the Week and active member of the community, being interviewed by none other than Cracked!

Troop Interviews isn’t slow, we’re just fashionably late 😌

How did you join RPF?

Fittingly, Cracked starts this interview at the beginning of Tuz’s RPF career! Tuz explains that he just came for the :rarara: emote. It must’ve been surprising when he found himself in a Club Penguin server instead! Anyway, it’s not every day you get an “emote recruit” who sticks around, and like Cracked said, we’re glad he did!

What was your favorite part of Troop of the Week?

Cracked then asks what Tuz liked about that sweet hoisted pink. He answers that he loved the attention that it brought; it helped him get acclimated with the community at large. It’s a good, honest answer: sometimes, it’s nice to have all eyes turn to you when you pop in with that spicy role!

What advice would you give to others aiming for TOTW?

The next question concerns Tuz’s tips for TOTW (alliteration, anyone?), so take notes, everyone! Tuz tells Cracked that it’s important to be active, particularly in chat. After all, you can’t quite stand out without being around in the first place! As long as you’re friendly and contributing to the community, I agree that good things will come to you.

What are you hoping to achieve in RPF?

Cracked asks for the inside scoop: Tuz’s RPF goals! The future is now, as they say. Tuz replies that he doesn’t have anything particular in mind, which is valid! Like Cracked adds, it’s often best to go with the flow. Everyone’s RPF journey is unpredictable somehow, so just focus on having fun along the way!

Would you rather live in one place forever or travel to a different country each week?

Cracked brings up a unique question to end the interview! Tuz admits that he prefers the stability of staying in one place. After all, while traveling might bring some incredible sights to see, it would also be stressful after a while. Thank you for the interview, Tuz! Now, moving on…


Next up, it’s time to interview Jacquardio! He’s the master of Rebel Broadcast’s polls, our newest Lieutenant General, and a long-time Officer. Let’s check out how his conversation with Mars went down!

A classic opener line! For the students of RPF, hope you all are finishing your year off strong 🙏

How long have you been in RPF?

Jac reveals that he’s a relatively older member when it comes to those active in RPF; he joined at the start of the infamous “Corona boom,” in early 2020. Indeed, it was an an amazing time to be in RPF, what with the community growing so rapidly. Despite the significant hardships of the pandemic, at least there’s one good thing!

What’s your favorite RPF memory?

2020 was an incredible year for RPF, and Jac’s answer reflects that. First, he cites the Legends Cup X tournament: an array of Club Penguin Army giants faced off during the height of quarantine. It’s where we hit our uniformed max as well as won this fancy trophy: :tourneywin3:. Furthermore, Jac brings up Fright or Fight, CPAH’s one-off tournament during October. It has sentimental value for him because he was able to contribute more directly as a mod, which I can respect (not to mention, FOF has a nice trophy too: :tourneywin5:).

And, if you’re curious about that “2020 Tournaments in Review,” don’t worry – I gotchu.

How has RPF changed since you joined?

In retrospect, Jac notes that a lot of things have changed over his time in the rebellion: five different Rebel Commanders have been in power; new generations of troops have rotated through; and even the Rebel Federation – our hub, found in #links – has evolved. Getting to work alongside the same people that you welcomed is one of the wilder aspects of staff, for sure. Things are bound to come and go, of course, but one thing endures: RPF’s dominance.

What goals/ranks do you hope to achieve?

Looks like we achieved one of Jac’s goals in this interview! Otherwise, like many people, he’s decided to take everything step-by-step; like he said, things change quickly here. He brings up a good point: if you leave things better than when you found them, then you’ve surely succeeded, regardless of where you are when you leave. As for TOTW, well, we’ll have to see where hard work takes him.

If you have a time machine, would you travel to the past or the future?

Mars poses a tough question to Jac! He answers that he, of course, would go to the future just to see what it’s like! What have we gotten right, and what’s oh-so-wrong? Very interesting indeed.

.iam polls in #bots, you know what to do.

Officer Cadets

It’s time for the interview you’ve been waiting for! Our interview team did something a little different, with a free-for-all among our newest staff-in-training: Chad, EmeraldGreen, Mariebeth, Sha, and Xuebai!  It was a hectic interview for sure, so let’s see how Yvng handled the chaos.

Note: Due to complexity, I’ve turned this interview into an edited text for ease of reading. Now, enjoy!

How long have you been a part of RPF?

Marie: 4 months today
Xue: almost 7 months
Chad: 6 months with 2 weeks
Sha: I have joined RPF on 6 November 2020
Green: I joined RPF July 1 2020, so around 10 months 😮
Marie: oh im baby wow
Green: im boomer lmao
Yvng: oooo congrats on 4 months marie!! and its been nice seeing you all grow to where you are now and continue to be active in the community :cpgoo:

What made you want to stay in RPF?

Chad: the community & need for friends lmao
Marie: i made good friends along the way :SmileDoge:
Green: Definitely the community and the people itself. You all are the best friends I could ask for 😛
Xue: friends, nice atmosphere
Sha: Don’t know but the healthy environment is what I love
Yvng: for sure for sure, i think we can all agree that RPF is truly a loving community with a lot of great people in it :wholesome:

What motivated you to get where you are now?

Sha: Our HCOM AND MODS, their roles, etc; I got a long list
Green: Honestly the staff team in RPF is just top notch. Its just so nice to see them helping fresh troops out like me once. Ig you can say it inspired me to be the same :]
Marie: the mods and hcom maybe :thonking: they really do all they can to support you even if you mess up
Xue: EVERYONE, even if i had to suddenly leave discord the first ill find is rpf, [i] always come back, no matter what
Chad: i wanted to finish at least one thing in my life (well in this part of my life) and i wanted some roles for those self esteem points i need
Yvng: aww glad you all were able to stay motivated and grow more within our lovely community! i can def agree with you guys, seeing the Generation of Staff before me def motivated me as well to want to achieve being where i am today!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

teleportation and telepathy :ufff:¹
Green: The ability to rewind time :] Might be handy
Xue: Ability to read minds
Sha: Ooh ok so I’ll be having ability to teleport or [be] invisible
Chad: maybe super speed (but the kind like you can go that fast that time looks paused); fast chad
Yvng: ooo those are very cool superpowers to have!! for me i would def choose invisible so i can be sneaky

What goals/ranks do you hope to achieve?

Chad: getting to be rebel commander, big red flex; or getting the legend role
Marie: mod lul so i can have power; im kidding but yeah i would like mod just to see what it feels like
Green: Uhh for me, I’m thinking about staying as a mod; I feel HCOM might be a little too much for me
Marie: yeah HCOM is way too organized and busy, hell nah
Sha: I’ll like to be HCOM ❤️❤️
Xue: goal : make friends with everyone and be able to chat more in mainchat. ranks 😳 modss
Yvng: woah yall got some big goals for RPF LOL! cant wait to see all of you grow and hopefully conquer them goals in the future! rooting for all of you!! 🙏

Any last words?

Chad: y’all so lovely, thanks for being there; keep on being yourselves; i really thank you for helping me getting along in these times
Marie: thanks for helping me manage life ig; dont prioritize penguins over ur personal being; that is all
Sha: :rpfowns:
Green: I love y’all :heartforyou: Yvng, fellow cadoots, and you the reader
Keep on fighting the good fight
Xue: im really thankful for everyone who has been there for me. shoutout to guinz jiejie. i started out lonely because my recruiter left the server at that time so i had to figure everything myself haha. so i’m really thankful for everyone and getting officer cadet means a lot uwu; and woogs very gud mentor
Chad: big shoutout to guinz, huge shoutout for everyone in RPF
Green: Also shoutout to woogs, my recruiter and ash, my mentor; you two the best of the best :salute:
Marie: shoutout to yoda for being a good mentor
Yvng: sweet! thank you guys for letting me interview you all today :coolkid:

And that’s a wrap! It was great to highlight the differences between our cadoots, 🎺🎺and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

Looks like it’s time for me to sign off! As your host, I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this round of Troop Interviews. Thanks for sticking around, and I ask that you eagerly await our next post!

If you have any questions or would like to be interviewed, contact:
Brenatto, Yvng, Mars, or Cracked.

Brenatto, Second in Command


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