Troop of the Week #136

It’s been a good week for the Rebel Penguin Federation, with fun events for all regions! We’ve had many new members joining, so a huge thank you to everyone who’s been recruiting and a huge welcome to our newest troop! Deciding the Troop of the Week is always a difficult task and it took a lot of discussions. However, there was one troop who really stood out to us for this week. This week’s Troop Of The Week is…

Panini joined us in December 2019, and has made a mark on RPF ever since. She’s been helping out new troops, recruiting with staff, and has proven herself to be a true rebel! Currently at the rank of Private First Class, you can find Panini hanging out in main chat, making new friends, and sharing her music taste with others. Panini attends events whenever she can, always showing her support for RPF. She’s been working hard at recruiting new troops into RPF, and helping recruits acclimate into main chat. She is indeed a model of what we consider an ideal troop, and because of this we have decided that Panini deserves this week’s title of  Troop of The Week!

Huge congratulations to Panini!

Be sure to congratulate Panini when you see her in chat!


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