Troop of the Week #180

Another Friday has come to pass and along with it comes the announcement of a new and equally deserving Troop of the Week. As we transitioned back into a week filled with events on club penguin, many rebels have displayed great efforts in both events and in chat! The troop that stood out this week was…

Toadimation has been a splendid troop in his time here in RPF. Almost nearing his two month anniversary since joining, he sits at the spicy rank of Scout Medic. As long as they have been in this server, and more so these past few weeks, they have been a great presence to all those around them. Always eager to participate in the many different types of events. You can always find them hanging out in main having no issues getting along with their fellow troops or making new recruits feel welcome. If you asked several rebels in RPF, they all would agree that, without a doubt,  Toadimation is a valuable troop and a wonderful fit for this week’s Troop of the Week!

Be sure to congratulate Toadimation when you see him in chat!


Alors On Danse!

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