Rebel Rewind: The RPF Uniform

The RPF Uniform, sleek and stylish, can be considered the face of RPF power. Worn by all troops on the battlefield, it can strike fear in the heart of enemies braced to face off against the Rebel Penguin Federation.

The uniform of any Club Penguin Army is one of its most important visual aspects, distinctive and unique to each army. With its signature look, the Rebel Penguin Federation uniform has not always remained the same; throughout time it has undergone many changes in order to fit the current Club Penguin environment.

The First Series of RPF Uniforms (2007-2013)

The First Series of RPF Uniforms

The first RPF Uniform was created in 2007 after the RPF rebelled against the Underground Mafias Army. With the original Club Penguin including membership, the uniforms for members and non-members differed due to the items available. The member outfit features a fully black fit to complement the black penguin color from the Puffle Bandana to the Black Hoodie. A touch of color is provided with the Night Vision Goggles, Black Guitar, and Red Backpack. The non-member outfit, much simpler with only the Puffle Bandana, still allowed Rebels to be recognized on the battlefield! The original member outfit has currently been seen in a few CPPS (Club Penguin Private Servers) used for events and tournaments such as Club Penguin Armies: The Game, Club Penguin Armies, and Club Penguin Chapter 2.

The First RPF Branch Uniforms (2007-2017)

The First RPF Branch Uniforms: moving clockwise from the top left: Military Branch (Boy), Military Branch (Girl), Marine Branch, Navy Branch, Air Force Branch

The first branch uniforms were relatively similar to the main uniform but featured the Gold Wrist Watch instead of the Black Guitar to differentiate from the normal uniform. Each branch also uses a unique backpack item different from the red backpack. The military branch (boy) features the red backpack while the military branch (girl) features the pink backpack. The Marine branch used the camping backpack, the scuba tank for the Navy, and surprisingly the blue backpack from the Air Force (contrary to the current red theme of the Air Force branch).

The Second Series of RPF Uniforms (2013-2017)

The Second Series of RPF Uniforms

With many of the items from the original RPF Uniform becoming harder to find in the catalogs of Original Club Penguin, RPF created new uniforms in 2013. The member outfit, still maintaining the signature black guitar, featured new items to complement, including two options for the body items. The Reindeer Boots, H2O Pack, Snowboard Helmet, and Robot Helmet would replace the Black Sneakers, Red Backpack, Black Hoodie, and Night Vision Goggles, respectively. The much simpler non-member uniform originally began as just the Stealth Tracker and Bandana, but would soon go on to add the TIE Fighter Pilot Costume. The items of this outfit were much more common in catalogs and item codes thus allowing it to remain in use until the Original Club Penguin would shut down.

The CPR RPF Uniforms (2017-2021)

CPR RPF Uniforms 2017-2021

With the move to Club Penguin Rewritten, many of the components of former uniforms were replaced with newer items. With new catalogs, the uniform changed to keep up with the latest clothing items. All of the uniforms featured the night vision goggles while using either a red or black guitar. Over time, the body, neck, and head items would change attempting to maintain a similar look. Much less common, some members used the Puffle Bandana as a head item, which could be earned by donating to CPR, but in recent times is available for everyone to claim. Also quite common in the CPPS era is the ability to customize uniforms to your liking as seen in my personal customization of the RPF Uniform in the bottom right.

The CPR Branch Uniforms (2019-2021)

CPR RPF Branch Uniforms 2019-2021

Along with RPF Uniforms, branch uniforms for the Navy and Air Force were also created using the latest items of the ever-changing CPR Catalog. Uniforms remained relatively similar with the Viking Helmets and Night Vision Goggles always found as well as different Jersey Body Items and Cape Neck Items based around the Sports and Clothing Catalog items. With the use of the blue and red uniforms, Navy and Air Force troops could easily be distinguished during branch battles.

From its origins in 2007 to the present day, the RPF Uniform and Branch Uniform has undergone loads of changes. We hope you enjoyed the insight into the RPF Uniform. Make sure to embrace your RPF uniform during events and battles and show off the legacy of the great Rebel Penguin Federation.

Credits to brenatto for a few of the uniform images.

Yodabobobo~Lieutenant General

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